new pool build - depth mistake

gailbbMay 27, 2012

We just had the gunite blown in the pool. Now that we can enter the pool we noticed what looked like a problem with the depth in the shallow area. after measuring we discovered the water line which was supposed to be 3.5-4ft is actually 2.5-3ft. If we measure to the very top of the gunite the pool only measures 38 inches. It is a huge mistake on the part of our contractor, the engineering plans were not followed. Anybody know if there is anyway to fix this without breaking out the entire structure and starting again? The pool is built into a slope so it is possible to raise the walls rather than dig out the bottom but do not know if this is a legitimate fix or not. Really an upbelievable situation to be in, we checked all his references, went to view his other pools. Now we question everything he tells us.

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Hopefully, after talking to your builder it will come out that it is the correct height. I hope so for your sake.
Our builder had our shallow end 3.5-4.5-3.5 (it's 27 feet long with 4.5 in the middle) and the digger told us that was too deep. We are so thankful for his advice. We built it 3.5-4.0-3.5 and LOVE it. Our 6.1 foot eldest son is not out of place playing volley ball, as the water hits him just right. The shorter people are able to stand without just their shoulders sticking out.

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thanks zookeeper.

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The right way is to jack the floor out and and re-excavate, steel and shoot. IMO there is no other fix unless you can live with the shallow end the way it is... the decking will add 4" to the top , and the top of the bond beam will still be leveled for tile so you will gain an 1" or so there... did you account for that?

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I think you're right, but our PC is pushing to build up. What do you think are the limitations of building a new bond beam 6-8" above the old one. Does that sound legitimate? If this is even possible, it would also entail raising the sunshelf as well. Unfortunately we can't live with less than 3ft, another inch won't really help that. Where do you measure the water line from. I've been told different things. I thought it was 3-4" above the bottom of the skimmers. Thanks for your help.

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Lights and returns will all wind up being deeper than intended. Skimmers would have to be jacked out and replaced.

Your PC/PB is trying to do it cheaper, easier, and IMHO, wrong. The top of the beam is where a monolithic shell needs to be the strongest. You can't just shoot it to get it higher. That leaves the top few inches without steel. I can almost guaranty he wasn't planning on adding steel to the top of the beam.

I happen to think that top50 hit the nail on the head when he suggested jacking the bottom, cutting the existing steel, digging down to the proper depth and adding steel in the approved manner of drilling and epoxying.

The water line will usually be several inches below the top of the beam.


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