Above ground pool ratings?

WannBeHomeMay 18, 2011

Which brand of above ground pool has the highest ratings? I can't find a site that has more than one pool brand to compare side by side.

Any ideas where to look? Pool co. is suggesting Vogue pools.


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The pools shown at the link below seem to be higher quality. And you can compare warranties on components. The price of them seems high compared to a cheap pool, but the cheap pool is only good for 3-5 years. The cheap pool has a frame that begins to rust out in 2 years, even with only a few months of use. Also, the liner on the cheap pool will get leaks easier. So if you can find a pool with a corrosion proof frame, you are probably going to get 3 or more times the life of a cheap pool.

Here is a link that might be useful: Above Ground Pools

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We looked into doing an above ground oval pool. SamsClub has the best deals on them that we found.

Our backyard was going to need grading work done before the above ground pool could be put in. We also wanted to build a large deck to go around the pool.

Even with me doing most of the labor; With the cost of the deck and the cost of the gradeing added in we found the total cost of the above ground pool to be about 2/3 the cost of having a gunite pool built.
After factoring in the favorable financing available for a gunite pool and the effect of an above ground pool vs. inground on property value and the gunite pool made more sense for long range costs. And it is a nicer.

A cheap above ground pool from walmart will last a few seasons and is a very inexpensive way to let the kids swim. If you want something nicer then that I'd look into having an in-ground pool built.

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