Balusters won't fit in angled stair railing.

daveb_2008June 8, 2008

I am replacing about 5 foot of railing on my front prorch steps using a Severe Weather Deluxe Rail kit and balusters from Lowe's.

The balusters only fit in the holes in the rails if the two rails are parallel. When I mount the rails on the stairs they are at an angle and the balusters, which remain perpindicular to the ground won't fit in the holes.

Here's a few pictures: (,,

I've tried enlarging the hole but that is sloppy. It seems that there is something obvious that I'm missing.

I'm not a handyman and except for hanging pictures this is my first go at it. Sure would appreciate any advice anybody has to offer.


Dave B.

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daveb 2008,
I'm sure you know that most prefarbicated rail kits are available two ways. One for a straight run and the other for steps. They are different.
Are you sure you have the right kit? Does it say step kit?

Check it out.

The PorchGuy

Here is a link that might be useful: My Album

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You got it porch guy, different kit for stairs that have bigger holes.


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I agree with the others that the holes should be larger; however, I speak from experience on some Severe Weather railing purchased from Lowe's that my "stair" kits were not. As I had special ordered them and the packaging had been rained on, etc, I used a "-b-a-s-t-a-r-d" mill file (Gardenweb apparently doesn't like the word) to enlarge the rectangular hole, actually mostly just to modify the angle of the downslope side of the "hole". The balusters fit snugly, but they look great after 2 years. These railings were pricey, but they look just as good as the day they were installed with no maintenance and are a nice contrast to the ipe on my front porch. Good Luck with your project.

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does severe weather make ajustable brackets for upper and lower rails

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I installed flat rail on my porch and when i was done my wife noticed a crack in one of the baluster hole
and i want to remove it and replace it could someone tell me how remove the section of handrail how do you release those tabs and take the section out

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I'm wondering if you ever found a solution to your severe weather stair railing issue? I'm running into the exact same problem and the frustration levels are at an all-time high! Any advice/suggestions you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

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