twp drying on ipe

mattanJune 14, 2010

Hey all, I built an ipe deck last summer, applied TWP last fall, it got a bit dull and dirty, did the rad system cleaning schtick on thursday and reapplied TWP yesterday.

I only did a single application of it (not the second go, wet on wet). This morning, there were some sections of tackiness and glossiness. Same thing happened last fall. Ultimately, it wasn't a problem, although it took a couple of weeks to go away.

I didnt' go through with a brush afterwards and I'm assuming that's the problem (I get excited to do the whole deck and then don't want to track over it to do the wiping. I suppose i should do it in blocks. . .).

Anything I can do to speed the process? Ok to take a bare rag and try to wipe off the tackiness? Should I put a bit of mineral spirits on the rag? Any better ideas? The weeks forecast is for upper 60's, low 70's, with one day of light showers (tomorrow).

Around these parts, that's prime deck enjoying weather (seattle).


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