Linen shades on kitchen pendant lighting

nikeno13March 8, 2013

We are about to embark on our kitchen reno in about a month. So we are down to planning details such as lighting. I have decided to go with two pendant lights above our 63"x34" island. I am considering this pendant light which has a fabric (burlap) type shade. I like the natural style element that the burlap shade brings, but I am wondering if fabric is not a good idea in the kitchen area. I would appreciate if anyone has thoughts or experience on this matter. THANKS!

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I chose not to go with a fabric shade because of your concern. When the weather is nice we frequently have doors and windows open. I use my range vent religiously, but they is still just dust. I dusted my metal shades today and they were pretty gross.

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How much kitchen grime builds up on your kitchen surfaces (like the tops of picture frames, ceiling fan blades, current light fixtures) and how quicly does it accumulate?

I decided against any light with fabric because my kitchen seems to get grimy and I know it would bug me if I couldn't clean it properly.

If your current light fixtures stay clean without cleaning them for a few years, then why not go for fabric.

Also, can you replace the fabric part if you need to in a few years?

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Thank you localeater and tricia257 for your input.
Currently we get a lot of grime because our kitchen is not vented properly. When we do the reno we will be installing a microwave vent. However, I am still a little concerned with the possibility of grime.
I will look into possible replacement of the fabric part but I think I might be looking more into a different type of light fixture.

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Sophie Wheeler

With a MW vent, you've got pretty anemic ventilation. Skip the fabric. It will need cleaning in no time. Or else explore putting in a real external vent.

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