Restoring gray garapa with EFC-38

gilbert_2007June 18, 2009

We are finally done building a very large garapa deck after 2 years. There are 3 different conditions of garapa which I am trying to prep for staining.

1) new unfinished wood which is gray.

2) older finished wood (which is in shade) that has been cleaned with EFC-38 and Citralic, but still has moderate tint in the wood.

3)oldest wood which has been stained and is mostly failing, with some gray.

I started with EFC on the new gray wood and it did not remove the gray. I then tried it with EFC and gentle powerwashing, with no change. I then tried EFC with more aggressive power washing on two boards, and it did remove the gray, but it raised the grain. I have been told that all I need to do is put the Citralic on the boards and the gray will "go away". This does not make sense to me, because I can see how the board looks when the powerwasher actually removed the gray vs the other gray boards. I thought it was the EFC which removed the gray. I don't want to just brighten the gray wood and paint over it do I?

Any suggestions? Should I double the strength of the EFC? Would HD-80 do a better job?

I bought some HD-80 for the wood which is cleaned, but still has a strong tint. I was told that the HD-80 will help take the tint out.

Since the oldest wood has some gray in it, I am not sure how to proceed. EFC-38 or HD-80? Light power-washer?

I would really hate to resand because in total it is about 1200 sq ft. I sanded it in stages as we built, and it about killed my 53 y/o back.

Thanks for some suggestions.

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EFC 38 is mild a stripper,md 80 is a real strong stripper. They both require an oxalic acid wash to complete the process. If you dont put on an acid wash you wont see the results of your work.
Not sure what you mean by taking the tint out I am thinking this decking was never finished.

I never use a power washer on a deck. If in fact you never put a finish on the Garapa there is no need to use md 80.

After the EFC 38 has been on for a few min say 15 min or so its time to scrub it off then rinse it off real well then put on the acid wash and rinse it off real well. Dry time put on the finish. J.

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Thanks John for your response. I have enjoyed your posts over the past 2 years.

I can put the citralic acid on the boards, but will I just be brightening the gray wood? The gray didn't seem to come up with just the EFC.

The "tinted" boards were stained last year, but are mostly in the shade and still look pretty good. The problem is that they are only half of the porch, and the other half is the grayed new untouched garapa that is in the full sun. I wanted to stain both with woodrich wiping stain and have them look the same. Will the HD-80 strip the tint off the boards, so that they will not look darker than the new boards?

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Gil,,,,its a two part system the brightner wont work with out the stripper and the reverse is true.

There is no reason to use HD 80 that is for taking off behr or thmposons or ato or some of the other junk on the market ghesssssss.

Just use the efc and the brightner, do some scrubing with a deck brush or some hand work and let it dry/ put on the finish. All the decking is not going to look the same right away. Finish the thing and leave it alone for a while. J

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