Stained Glass in a small nutshell

glassquiltSeptember 26, 2006

Pick a pattern or draw your own.

Make two copies: one of cardstock to use as templates for tracing; the other will be used to build the panel on. DO NOT use the original for anything else  look at only. I would make a sandwich as follows: original, carbon paper, plain paper, carbon paper, craft paper. Staple along one edge which allows the original to be picked up so I can check the copies to make sure IÂve traced all the lines. Number all the pieces

Cut the templates apart. Trace & put number on the glass. Pattern shears may be used. (Some people stick the template onto the glass and cut around it.)

Cut glass. Grind to fit if needed. Do not rub off number.

There are two methods of building a panel. The cut and fit for the two methods is different.

The older one uses a channel (called h-came) that looks like an "I" beam. With this method everything is cut and fit together, sliding the glass into the channel on one side and the channel over the glass on the other. The pieces are soldered at the ends of the channel and then cemented (like grouting tile).

The newer one uses copper foil which is now sort of a peel & stick material. It comes in rolls with paper backing. Clean the glass & wrap the edge with the foil. When all the pieces are foiled everything is soldered.

The outer edge of both had a channel around it (c-came). Large panels need wood framing to support the weight.

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Thanks for sharing this info. It was interesting to read, but think it's time to bump it down the list!

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I agree. Somebody asked so I explained. I hope whoever asked got to read it.

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I hope this goes thru this time! Glass, I responded twice to this, I swear! Thank you for the info, that was a nice lesson....also a good rundown of what to expect should one decide to get into the hobby. I thought about it once, but the local classes were cancelled. Still beautiful stuff!
Thanks for sharing!

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