Bad night last evening.....

Karen_slSeptember 24, 2006

Most of you know that I work evenings at a large hospital...I get out at 11 pm. Last night was the large Michigan State game so town was crawling with people. On my way home a young man turned in front of me and I totalled my car. I did not get hurt and neither did they! But, now I need wheels and I am sure I will never get the deal that I had been driving. It was a 10 year old oldsmobile with only 50,000 miles on it...and we just borrowed a huge amount to build a barn...with a large payment so it could be paid off in 2 I sure hope he insurance company is generous when they write their check...

The young man did get a ticket.


its really horrible when an air bag blows up in your face!

Karen L

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I am so sorry to hear about your car accident. But so glad that neither of you were hurt.
Are you the forum member with the new sewing room going up over a barn/garage? I remember seeing pictures of that a few months ago.
I hope that you are not still shaking.

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Karen, I am so glad you are ok and the air bag didn't burn you too bad. They do pack a whollop when they go off. You should get more than a new car out of this. You deserve something for pain and suffering, and an "inconvenience" payment too.


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oh karen, I hope you really are ok from this! Please take it easy for a few days!
I would think his insurance (and if not, yours) will provide a rental car for a certain number of days after the check arrives. DS totalled his car a few years ago after being rear ended, it was no fun, but our insurance (Geico) helped us thru it all!
Keep us posted!

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Sure hope you are recovering today from the accident. Sounds just terrible! I can't imagine an air bag going off in my face. I freaked out recently when a car sideswiped my mirror on the door.

I'm very glad you nor no one else was hurt. Keep it all in was just a car and you will get another one sooner or later. Let friends and family help you with transportation if they offer.

All the best,

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Glad you're alright. I've been in a few accidents and I can still remember how upset I was. The suddeness of it all was unnerving. It would be nice if the replacement insurance could get you the same old kind of car - in good condition of course. But that's not going to happen until pigs fly.

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Oh Karen, I can only imagine an airbag going off in your face. One of my scary fears!!!

Hope the insurance comes through for you and you'll soon be driving a brand new-paid for-2007 car-of your dreams.

See, I think big. LOL

Glad you're ok, and hope you're not to sore from the hated airbag.


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How scary that can be!! I've been in two major car accidents - both before the era of airbags. Both the other driver's fault - no one seriously hurt, but both times my car was totaled by the ins. co.'s and I never did get an equal value in a car for the check issued to us. The second one was our only totally new car we ever owned - pretty little red Maverick, and I loved driving it, but can't even remember what we got to replace it - I should have insisted that they fix it, but frame was probably bent, so maybe it wouldn't have been the best idea. I'm just glad no one was hurt and it was only just a car!! So sorry this had to happen to you!

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Glad you are OK!!! My son was involved in an accident July 4th. The other driver ran a red light and his truck was totaled. The other driver was arrested, but there were no injuries. Vehicles are being made better thank goodness.
He had to get an attorney to sue the insurance to pay off the entire amount he owed. It was stressful and he could not afford to buy another vehicle until the insurance company settled 6 months later.
We have far too many drivers on the road that do not pay attention.

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Thanks so much gals...I am stiff today and hurt in places I did not know could hurt!!
We are so lucky we have a "spare" vehicle, but its a truck and kinda sucks gas.
Again, thanks so much.
This sure puts the slows on to sewing.
Karen L

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Karen, I'm glad you're ok and not hurt. Yes, the airbags can give a punch, but at least a person can walk away. I think everyone who has ever been in an accident can somewhat relate to how you feel. (((((Karen)))))


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I'm glad you weren't injured in the car accident. It will help with your insurance that the other driver was cited, it shows he was at fault. Accidents are such a pain in the butt, good luck with getting it cleared up quickly and with a good settlement.

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So glad you weren't seriously hurt in the accident. Good luck with your insurance collection. It's always a hassle but just make sure you're a squeeky wheel--that's what gets the grease.


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What a scary thing to have happen! I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt, and I hope that your aches and stiffness disapear soon. I sympathize on the air bag impact - my DH had an accident a few years ago and his air bag deployed. So much for a soft cushion - he said it was like getting hit in the face with a piece of fully loaded softsider luggage.
Take your time and rest up for a few days,

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