9-25 diet/exercise update

grammypSeptember 25, 2006

It is now 3 months till Christmas. If we can keep up 1 pound a week till then we will lose 13 pounds!!! sound easy??? Can we do it? Yes we can! (sorry all you Bob the Builder fans, just couldn't resist)

So far we have:

30 minutes of exercise

drink lots of water daily

give up 1 "bad" junk snack daily and replace with water

divide meals into 5-6 smaller "feedings" spread out daily

close the kitchen after dinner

practice relaxing when stressed instead of eating

Now it is time to really watch what we eat. Most of us can live nicely on 1200 calories a day. That would be a good goal for us. Here are some sites with diabetic diets that will help.




While diabetic diets are not necessary, they are good ones to follow.

Good luck everyone, lets get to losing!!


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Last week I was on the tread mill and got blisters. They healed and I got on it again. 30 minutes and I have new blisters, took off my shoes and walked 15 more minutes and now have blisters on my heels and the BOTTOM of my feet.
Waited 4 days and used bandaids, 2 pairs of socks and still blisters.
My problem is that I have been wearing sandals and flip flops so I have to get used to shoes again!!!!
I read that you can put super glue on problem areas and it will help to prevent blisters, also all cotton socks hold in moisture so they can cause blisters.
I'm still trying!!!!Rosa

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I still don't move as much as I should so I need to get the bod in motion more than it is. The CD was a good one for me but....I hate to have to plan to do it....I like to just start....so, am going to try walking in place, stepping, swinging legs, something during any news that I watch on TV....no matter what time it is!


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Rosa, I am sorry to hear about your blisters. Try some hiking socks or silk liners next to your skin. That may help. If you are carefull you can walk on the treadmill in sandals. Superglue can be used or you can try New Skin (from the bandage isle at the pharmacy) to help with blisters. Be carefull though, they may irritate raw skin.

Sharon, I use commercial breaks to get up and take care of little things (cleaning the junk drawer, emptying the dishwasher, putting laundry in the dryer...). You can get a lot of "movement" in during the commercials.

Keep 'em coming girls.

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Sorry to report I am at a stand still. Have been unable to budge even one little pound. Reviewed all of good suggestions and decided I will concentrate on two things this week, water and moving!!

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Even if the scales don't go down, are you feeling better? I haven't lost but 5 pounds since we started the challenge, but I have lost 1 pants size. That is something.


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I do 4 out of the 6. I've decided to move my exercise bike out of the back sunroom and into a corner of the TV room, so I can get in 2 15-min. periods of pedaling to the TV. That might do it.

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Scraphappy, that will work. Ride while you watch one of the "judge" shows and try to run over the litigants. I may have to get me one to use in the winter when I can't ride. My arthritis doesn't mix well with cool damp winters around here.


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A nurse told me once that you will either loose inches or pounds, but not both at the same time.
I don't know if that is really true but I tend to loose inches rather than dropping the weight first.
I am short (5'2") so even 5 pounds makes a difference. I am going to try hiking sandals and maybe the super glue on my mouth!!!!

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Don't go that far Rosa. I believe the nurse may have been right about the weight/inches thing. The sad thing is about the inches, I seem to gain them in my rump and lose them in my bust. Not fair is it.


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One pants size -- that's awesome! That is DEFINITELY nothing to sneeze at! Rosajoe, I'm 5'4" and 5 lbs. can DEFINITELY make a HUGE difference -- it's the difference between feeling frumpy and svelt.

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I'm another shortie. A couple inches less than 5' so every 5 pounds looks like 10 on me....going and coming....you'd think that would be an incentive.

I think losing a pants size is a great thing!!!

Don't know why, but I just thought of this. My ex-sister-in-law used to lead a women's weight-loss group at the church I was attending many years ago. We were LEOPARD's -Lose Every Overweight Pound And Rejoice Daily.


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LEOPARDs, I like that. Did she have any advice we poor struggling kitties could use?


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Beverly, She struggled along with the rest of us....no great words of advice. What you're doing is pretty much what she did.....be a leader and encourage the rest of us.

I think I'm going to have to set the timer or the clock radio this week to get me up out of the sewing chair more often. I'm gonna keep trying things til something works for me.


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