Plaster pool losing color

jchangMay 9, 2011

Our pool is about 4 years old and was originally plastered in a dark grey color. Since then, parts of the pool surface have gotten progressively lighter in a somewhat random and haphazard manner. It seems to be getting lighter faster where we have a lot of foot traffic. Is this normal for the plaster? How do we get it back to the nice dark grey color we originally had?


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I'm interested to see replies on this too. I am told that all dray pools will get lighter over time as they are bleached by the chlorine.

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When we were planning our pool, french gray was our choice.

The builders we interviewed all said not to use it, due to fading.

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If your grey color was created by adding a dye, then that will fade in random spots over time. It is not a recommended way of achieving a grey color. Usually there is no warranty on dye-colored plasters. At this point, you are looking at having to replaster. When you do, you can achieve a grey color through Black Marcite plaster, but it is only warranted one year. It should last longer if you keep the pH correct on your pool. Otherwise, replaster with an aggregate/quartz product with a longer warranty. You still have to keep the water chemistry correct on all finishes.

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Don't use that much acid for a spot test. A cup to a pint will do.

Adding a 1/2 gallon to a 20K gal pool will drop the pH quite a bit and wipe out a lot/most of the alk too.

Also, the acid will spread in that quantity to unwanted areas. Brush the entire area to help stir it up as well as rub the freed calcium off.

By an large though, woman-owned is probably closer to the truth of the matter.



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