Diet/exercise challenge 9-18

grammypSeptember 18, 2006

I am afraid I have been very lax at posting my updates. I do hope everyone has been working at getting their 30 minutes of movement, skipping their extra junk food, drinking water, and closing the kitchen after dinner. We have even had several suggestions for relaxation. Although we may not think about relaxation as important for weight loss, studies have shown that people who are stressed and/or tired tend to gain/retain weight. As our new challenge this week, lets review our day every evening and find the things that make us happy/thankful. It is true we cannot recognize happiness without experiencing trials. We just have to choose to dwell on the happy/rewarding things (no matther how small) rather than on the aggrivating things that happen each day. By doing this every evening perhaps we can end our day on a pleasant note and help relieve the stress of our day and rest better at night. Let me know how this goes for you.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Since I started working I've lost 3 or 4 pounds. That may not sound like much but combine that with a little bit of muscle toning because I'm on my feet & not my fanny. The result? - my size 14 jeans are loose. Good thing I still have my 12s, I was saving them to make a denim quilt sometime in the future.

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I would also like to get back into my size 12's. The excercise routine would be so much easier w/a friend, so what I do is just think about all the people that are in the same boat as me. This helps motivate me and makes me feel as though I have a cheering team behind me!!!!


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Can I count moving around a fabric store for part of 30 min of movement? @:) I've noticed I'm not as active as I was during the summer. Probably cause I'm sitting here sewing sewing sewing. I have stopped a few times and did 100 steps in place. DD2 told me about doing that. I've also noticed I eat more bread when I'm long as I'm now conscious of it, I'll be more selective of when I eat it. Tomorrow, I promise to do that 1 mile CD walk!


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Way to go everyone. Glass, you see, just a little more "exercise" and things start toning up. You are getting much more than you realize so I guess you will have to use the 14's for the quilt, right?

Michelle, you are right it is easier with a friend, but we will do the best we can to help. We know you can do it, just need a little push and that is what we are for. DH tries to help me and he does well with the exercise part, but the rest is up to me. It is hard to avoid the fridge for me, so I have to get moral support from my friends.

Sharon as long as you move for at least 30 minutes a day you can even count walking from the parking lot. I have to get up and move every 20-30 minutes when I sew or I get so stiff I can't move. It cuts down on my productivity, but it keeps me mobile. Bread and pasta are my downfall and I have to work hard to avoid them. I could eat pasta every meal and never get tired of it, but alas, I must try to avoid it. I keep fruit on the counter where I have to pass it regularly and the "bad" snacks are closed up in the pantry and harder to get to. This has helped with choosing better snacks, but I do still snack more than I should. Every thing in good time. I didn't gain it over one year, so I shouldn't expect to lose it in one year either.

If we can lose one pound a week we are going in the right direction and by Thanksgiving we will be 8 pounds lighter. By Christmas 12 pounds lighter. Sounds doable doesn't it.


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Beverly, Thank you for the encouragement. I gained a pound my first week back home, so this week I hope to really be more active. I keep the salty snacks put away out of sight and the cookie jar doesn't bother me cause there aren't homemade cookies in it.

Hoping for a good day today for all of us!


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Checking in.....
Haven't been around much since I put the sewing machine back in its case, and started moving around more ( the house). Hoping to get the machine back out in about two more weeks.

Went to my physical therapist today and she pronounced my knee cured, so can get back to a more active lifestyle. Today I popped on my bike and got about a mile in. A long way from your 30 miles, Beverly, but it felt good.

I miss not sewing, and I miss not checking in everyday to see what's going on!

Thanks for the encouragement Beverly!

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Way to go Mel. Remember, my first bike ride was only 1 mile, and my backside was sore after that one. Just a little more each day and remember, it isn't the distance that is important, it is just moving, regularly (and watching what you eat). I usually find I am not hungry for a while after we ride, but then in about 2 hours I am starving (time for a banana).

Sharon, I hope you are doing well avoiding the salty snacks. You gotta watch out for that fluid retention you know. I gained 2 pounds this week and I think that is why. I drank Gatoraid on the ride (lots of salts) and I usually just drink water. Gotta start being more careful.

Keep going everyone, gotta get those good habits going before te holiday season gets here.


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Thanks for the encouragement Beverly,
When I was working we had an exercise room in the building, I worked evenings so I would use the machines for 30 to 60 minutes 5 days a week.
Retirement and we tired every restaurant in the Orlando area, gained 10 pounds. All of it went to my middle!!
I have started using the tread mill at home (1 whole time last week!!), it is just too hot to walk outside with the humidity and 90 above temps, the TM is in the garage but I can bear that.
Got to get back into the habit, exercise makes me feel so much better!!!

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Well, I haven't been able to lose any more weight , but trying to continue to eat healthy. I guess as long as I stay the same...... holding pattern isn't all bad!!!

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We all have those times Maggie. Don't worry about it. DH lost 30 pounds then maintained for about 2 months before he lost anymore. He is now down over 50 pounds. Just keep up your good habits (including "exercise") and all will be well.


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