Pool niche alignment spa to pool size

JChris1May 3, 2012

Resurfacing our pool. In the process, we are replacing the spa light size light with a pool light size light. PB drilled out old niche and replaced with a pool size niche.

Niche is not perfectly centered, top mounting screw is not at 12 o'clock (closer to 10), and niche does not appear to be pointing perfectly towards the center of the pool (we have a rounded pool wall and this looks like it is due to it not being perfectly centered.

Any advice? Should we have PB tear out Niche and re-align???

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Replacing niche is difficult in a spa because you have to work with the existing conduit to make the connection.
Mounting screw location is not a concern, but the niche should align with the wall correctly. That is just part of the job.

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