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moyoMay 3, 2011


My husband an I are in process of relocating and we're looking at a 50-year old fixer-upper house that's sturdy and it's been well-maintained by its original owner, but in need of major upgrades.

We are handy, stubborn and accustomed to renovating, however the old pool on the property is out of our comfort zone. The old concrete pool deck is cracked in spots and in need of major renovating. The pool itself is covered with a nice cover, but who knows what lurks beneath....

We'll obviously have a pool inspector take a look before committing, but before making a bid, I'd love to get an idea of what the cost of repairs might be. I've read about resurfacing the pool deck a bit, but I wonder if anyone out there might be able to offer a quick Old Pool Repair 101 course via Garden Web post.

What are the potential costs?

How much of it could we do ourselves?

What would be a deal-breaker in terms of damage?

And what repairs are immediately necessary versus what can be postponed for a season?

Thanks for your help. This property would be our biggest challenge yet, but the potential incredible!

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Potential costs could exceed that of a new pool.
Biggest item that most inspections will not address is leakage. Plumbing leaks on a pool this old are high potential. Ask if the pool has copper plumbing to start. Then ask if it has been replastered more than once.
In some cases it is easier to remove the old pool and build what you want.
Try to be there when the inspector comes so you know what he is looking at and ask questions about general costs of repair. Good luck.

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