day2daySeptember 2, 2008

This is the time of year when I make resolutions.

At the top of my list is looking after my health. I have a strong resistance to visiting doctors. I haven't had a good check-up in 2 years.I resolve to make an appointment this week. It's also time to stop the fattening, 'bad' cholesterol foods. When I don't cook meals-because of the summer heat-I tend to fill up on junk and greasy foods. The other resolution is an on-going personal one. I tend to get very upset, frustrated, and resentful when I get hurt by the behavior of loved ones. I woke up one morning with knots in my stomach and realized I had to change. I couldn't change others behavior,so I would change my reaction to the behavior.It is becoming a lot easier but I still sometimes struggle with it.I just take it on a 'day2day' basis. So that's my resolutions. Okay,it's more than you wanted to know. Oh yes, more time spent doing things that make me happy-quilting is definitely on that list.Anyone else make resolutions in September?


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My health/weight loss is definitely on my list.

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geezerfolks_SharonG_FL make a decision and act upon it.

I've determined, as far as my eating habits are concerned, that I need to be moderate in what I eat. I cannot eat fat-free or sugar-free foods without having very serious health problems, but that doesn't mean I can eat a pound of bacon. So, I have accepted the fact, that I do what I have to do to be healthy and happy.

Geraldine, Loved ones are the ones who can strike our very soul, if we let them. You're right that you cannot change them, but you 'can' change how you feel and how you respond to their insensitivity. Do you have to be around them very much? Can you leave the premises? Start singing, do things that make you happy, keep your sewing machine open and ready to go at a moments notice! You can do it!!! That's what the KOKO thread is all about.....we just Keep On Keeping matter what!


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Starting today, nothing after supper unless it is fruit!! or unless it is a special I will have popcorn at the football game on Friday night. Oh no, making an exception all ready.I just need to get back to a routine. Deanna

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Deanna, LOLOLOL....moderation, moderation.

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Interesting post ... our entire school staff just completed a 32 hour class(yes - 32hour!!)called "GO FOR IT! The 7 Keys to Success." We will be utilizing the program with our ENTIRE school (K-9 grades-380 students)
The first key to success is "I have a positive attitude."
The second is "I believe in myself."
The third is "I build positive habits."
Fourth - "I make wise choices."
Fifth - "I set and achieve goals."
Sixth - "I Use My Creative Imagination"
Seventh - "I Am Persistent"

It's amazing how those 7 seemingly simple statement change you. The third key is fun - and works! You WRITE down things you want to change - but do it in positive statements, include your first & last name, then use the words "Always, AM, or Only" then your statement and repeat it OUT LOUD every morning and night - before getting out of bed & before going to sleep.

Geraldine - one of the first change cards I made was,
"I, Susan ___, always make healthy food and drink choices."
Here's another one that might work, "I, YOUR NAME, always look for the good in others."

(I was drinking 6-8 diet cokes a day, eating lousy foods & on meds for high triglycerides & osterperosis) I am now drinking 8-14 glasses of water a day - reserving diet cokes to 1-2 per week and really trying to make better food choices. It's okay to have desserts and fun foods and I won't beat myself up, but I now use moderation!

This was kind of rambling, but it really touched me to see your post. This website will give you a little more about the program & explain the keys a little more.

I applaud you and wish you continued success! You can do it!
I will keep you in my prayers.

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I don't check in over here very often, but this touched a nerve with me--in a good way! I'm so happy to see you all making such positive changes in your lives. I had to to do this a year ago, especially the eating habits, in order to bring down my blood pressure. Losing thirty pounds and adding exercise did the trick and without going on meds.

Sue--way to go on the diet drinks! Artificial sweeteners are soooo bad for us and actually make us CRAVE sweets.

Geraldine--add some daily exercise to your schedule. It doesn't have to be much and it doesn't have to be painful, but it will help you deal with those knots in your stomach by working off excess adrenaline and releasing endorphins. Trust me, it really does help. I was on meds for years for panic anxiety disorder and now I'm off those, too.

My favorite dessert is fat-free frozen yogurt with a spoonful of dark cocoa stirred into it and a Tbsp of slivered almonds. I get my daily chocolate fix without having to feel guilty about it. 8^)


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This is a great thread.Just what I needed. You all
have some very good ideas. I need to lose some
weight and get some exercise. I need to eat smaller
portions. Good luck to all who are endeavoring to do

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So,,,,how are we doing with our resolutions. Maybe we need to weigh in so to speak with our progress..

I don't think I have done too bad but then if there is nothing baked to tempt me that helps!! How about the rest of you? Deanna

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The timing on this thread if perfect for me! Thank you, All.

I started Weight Watchers last Monday. I've very excited about it and this first week has been surprisingly easy... until yesterday. Friday temptations started with donuts in the breakroom at work, then lunch out with department buddies, then dinner out with DH. It was tough but I (mostly) made good choices. Reading these postings and being reminded that others are struggling with the same issues will help me continue to make wise food choices through the weekend. Thank you, thank you!

My goal = 25 pounds by February 12th. (and another 25 by next Thanksgiving but I'm not going to worry about that right now.)


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Wow, I didn't mean to post something that would stop all conversation on this thread! OK, I didn't meant it! I won't lose 25 pounds by February 12th! LOL Where did everybody go?

I have my first weigh-in at WW's tonight. I'll let you know how it goes.

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Well, I did follow through on the resolution to get a medical check-up. Everything was fine except my bad cholesterol number was up a tiny bit-not enough for medication, and the good cholesterol #s were high so I just need to watch my diet.The doctor wants me to have a colonoscopy(sp?) because of my age and family history of colon cancer. It's scheduled for Dec.17- YUCK to that. I've been walking every day,(I was doing that even before I made my resolutions) and I've been watching my diet. I'm only 140 #s and 5'8" so I just need to watch trans, saturated fats and cholesterol intake.I'm doing fine with keeping my resolutions-so far anyway. Good luck to everyone with reaching your goals.

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Woo hoo! Eleven pounds lost during my first week! I'm excited and pleased and motivated to keep going.
Good luck, everyone!

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Way to go, Kate. I'm here shouting out "You go, girl!"Stay with it-before you know it, you'll be working on those second 25 #s.

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How's everyone doing on their resolutions?
Weight Watchers has been working great for me and as of last night I have lost 17 pounds. I'm wearing clothes I haven't been able to wear in two years and my blood pressure is down. I was able to donate blood for the first time in 5 years (bp was too high before). Can't believe this has happened since just Nov 10th AND during the snacky/party season.


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Sad to say, I've been under quite a bit of stress and I actually gained 12 pounds since my original post in September...:(

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It's understandable, Salijo. I'm not even getting on the scales til New Years Day. Don't want to add to the stress.

Resolutions don't always need to be about weight....why does that seem to be the first thing that comes to my mind? I have some sewing resolutions I want to make and some house-cleaning (shudder) issues I need to be lots better at. But, I also need to do it in a way that works for me.

SharonG/FL (Salijo's mom)

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Neither of you needs to be worried about weight, or house cleaning!, at this point. Just take care of yourselves.

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Let's keep this post moving with some plans for the New Year. How about keeping a gratitude journal where you write down 5 things every day that you are grateful for. If you google this topic there are a lot of threads on it as it has become very popular.

Happy New Year everyone. Deanna

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