2010 October Resolutions

grammypSeptember 23, 2010

I never seem to be able to keep New Years Resolutions, so every month on Spark People I start a monthly resolution thread. I do seem to be able to stick to things for a month, and usually by then some of them become habits. The holiday eating season will be here before we realize it. Now is the time to prepare.

My October Resolution is to stick strictly to my nutritional guidelines. DH and I will be going to Camp Cheerio next month and that will be a real challenge. Fortunately they offer good food and lots of opportunity for exercise. My biggest problem will be the snack table. That may require extra laps around the camp.

Come on everyone, let's get in the swing of things! Post your resolutions here.


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Great!:( I'm sitting here w/my McD's fish sandwich & FF reading about nutrition??!! Can I console myself that at least it's fish & not red meat?? LOL Oh well, I didn't know about your thread before I treated myself today - so I won't be disheartened. This am was my first in weeks where I didn't have little ones - altho I will at 1:00. I celebrated w/a haircut, 2 whole hours in my fav bookstore & lunch from McD's (which I never do). My fries are already cold & yucky so I won't be eating any more of them (darn! only had about 10), but they are only good when they are HOT HOT -IMO.
We are also going to retreat, so we'll have to do some extra walking to compensate for the snack table! Altho, I don't like to eat & sew, so maybe I'll be (fairly) good anyway.
My real resolution is to cut down on the soda. I never used to drink much, but this summer I've gotten in the (bad) habit of 1-2 cans per day. Unheard of~& not helping the tummy at all. So I'll be drinking lots more water & tea. I will be able to get unsweetened tea at the retreat in the south won't I??! 'know how those southerners love their sweet tea!
Off to throw out my cold fries & half a sandwich...

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Nothing worse than cold fries, unless it is cold onion rings. Yes you can get unsweet tea at camp, hot or cold. I have give up sodas and don't care for the taste anymore. Water, coffee, and tea are my drinks of choice. I plan to take a walk every morning and sometime during the day, probably after lunch before going back to sewing. You are most welcome to join me, we can arrange times later. You will certainly want to take the opportunity to enjoy the views, they are awesome!


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When I saw your post on the other part of the Quilting forum, Beverly, I decided to come here and post my resolutions relating to the Camp Cheerio October retreat. I laughed when I saw you had nutritional goals related to retreat because some of mine are related to eating and exercise too. At home, I am not much of a snacker unless I'm stressed and have let my life get out of balance (like I have recently). Most of the time, I resist by just not having snacky stuff around, only making a specific treat which will last only a short time, and just keep gainfully busy. I plan to try to avoid the snack table too--mostly. If you wish, I will support you in your goals--gently. I don't like to be nagged, shamed, etc. and I suspect others don't either. I'd welcome your support too. Also, I would like to get some much needed exercise, as would my DH, while there. I/We may be interested in joining you for your walk if it is pre-breakfast.

Another goals: Get a few projects done (well at least pieced) at the retreat. I'm not going to be overly ambitious in these goals. I want to end up feeling I've accomplished something and that won't happen if I try to do too much. That brings me to my final goal: Have a good, no great!, time at the retreat, meeting and interacting with others. I think that one should be easy-peazy but might impact my previously-mentioned goal. lol

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I've been doing pretty good on my eating and exercising lately, so I hope in October I can keep up my good progress. I have the thyroid disease Hashimoto, and I go to my doctor for an update next week. I only go every 2 years and since I've seen him last I've been exercising regularly and lost over 15 pounds! I'm curious to see how it effects my medication (if any)?

I'm getting really envious of you ladies going to the retreat. Darn, I wish I could join you. We're supposed to have a rainy Sunday, so I'm hoping I can sit at my machine all day after church.

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So, were you girls able to get your morning walk in at camp? That would have been a beautiful time for it. A new day, sunrise in the mountains, maybe a little chill in the fresh air.....cappaccino in hand???? (grin)

My October goal is to get home and back to quilting!


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