Sept 16-30 KOKOs

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLSeptember 17, 2008

Apparently I didn't work hard enough. I've only lost 2 of the three pounds I gained at the retreat. But, that's better than not losing anything at all. Hopefully, when the weather breaks, I'll be able to get out more, but I really do like sitting at the machine and sewing!

DH measured for the ceiling tile and also for paneling for 2 walls in the living room. I really hate the prospect of this, but it needs to be done. One of those bite the bullet things and get it over with! DD#3 asked if I was ready for this. She must have been remembering her childhood.

I love easy quick and minimum ingredient recipes! Here's a chicken recipe you might like to try:

Chicken Paprikash

2 pounds of chicken cut up

1 onion chopped

2 tbsp paprika

2 tbsp flour

8 oz container of sour cream


Brown chicken and chopped onion in a dutch oven. Add paprika and 2 cups water; cover and cook on low heat for 1 hour. Remove chicken. Thicken broth with 2 tbsp flour and 1/2 cup water; add 8oz sour cream. Put chicken back in broth. Serve over noodles or dumpling. Don't let broth boil once sour cream has been added.

Here's a link to help you get started on the upcoming season. @:)

Have a great day and KOKO!


Here is a link that might be useful: Holiday Patterns

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That sounds simply great. I love easy to cook chicken. I also found some patterns I like. So much to sew, so little time.

I haven't even started back on my weight loss yet. Been working way to many days, and lots more to come. I'll be glad when we hire a replacement.


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Good evening,
Just got in from a walk. Nice and cool and a full moon. Seems more like summer again where we had some damp cool gloomy days last week. I took my kayak out yesterday and got to see the osprey that they released at the lake. Took some photos but they blended into the trees too much.

Its not looking favorable for sewing and I have a birthday block due in October that I better get my rear in gear for.

Have a good week,everyone. The chicken recipe did sound good. Deanna

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Sharon, I tried your chicken recipe over saffron rice, DELICIOUS!!!
Beverly I agree, when you are that busy weight management is the least thing you want to deal with.
Deanna our weather just today dropped to the mid 80's, sounds like yours is nicer than SE Goergia. It is supposed to be nice the rest of the week and I am thinking of gardening. Each morning I have been washing off about 50 lovebugs by the front door. I guess they decided to commit mass suicide on my walkway LOL. We have spiders in the back that will spin a web on you if you stand still and lovebugs in the front that stick to you. Could be worse couldn't it????
I need to finish a lap quilt by the end of September. My niece interrupted my sewing to make 14 baby burps. They did turn out cute, but everyone here is really into the 'dawgs" and I had already make 2 spa wraps for my fam so I am tired of 'dawgs' LOL.
I also have made about 10 bottle aprons, half of them 'dawgs'.
I can appreciate Sharon's stress level, I need to get so much done to start on Christmas.
Once Halloween gets here, forget it, it is Christmas so fast.
We are having a fam reunion in October so that is keeping me busy too.
I made veggie soup this week and I have been trying watch what I put into my mouth.
I love mayo so I tried the new Hellman's with olive oil and it has half the calories of regular. I can't tell a big differnce between the two, it's better than low cal and I can't stand fat free!!

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Glad you like the recipe, Rosa. I like Paprikash. You are one busy sewing lady!! I understand completely about the spider webs. I carry a broom with me when I go to the back 40 and wave it in front of me before taking the next step. I hate the thought that those nasty lovebugs being on their way here!!! Thanks for the info about Hellman's. I'll give it a try. I can't do fat-free.

Deanna, It's starting to get a little cooler here. Right now the thermometer is on 92 in the shade, but the air doesn't feel as heavy. I even sat on the porch yesterday for about half an hour while talking on the phone. @:) It must be awesome to see wildlife while kayaking. I enjoy watching the birds in the birdbath!

Beverly, When your work schedule gets back to normal (does anyone know what that is?), you'll do fine. Hope they hire one soon! In the meantime, just KOKO. @:)

Have a good evening everyone.


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Hi Everyone,
Haven't been hiding just out of routine.

My daughter and family, who live just east of Houston, took a hard hit from Ike. Actually, we are pretty sure it was a tornado in the hurricane. She and the children were here with us but her husband stayed in the house. They had water in over half of the house. My DH and daughter went back over on Sun. morning and they and some friends from church got tarps on the roof and pulled out wet sheet rock and insulation for 3 days. They slept with a generator and small air conditioner in DD bedroom which is OK. She and DH came here with about 20 loads of things to wash. While she was here they got electricity back although many of their friends are still out. The children are here and will stay until school starts again which could be another week or two.
Then the week before this storm we had taken my husband's Mom home since she finally got electricity from Gustav. She went home on Wed. night and on Sat morning she fell after taking a shower and cut a 1 1/2 gash just above her temple. After the emergency room and stitches DH brought her home with him. For a few days I was here with 2 dogs (They have two labs), 2 cats-theirs inside and mine out, 2 children and and 84 year old Mom. We have done very well but I was glad they got a pen built for the dogs because they lost their fence and took them back to TX. We had lost part of our fence in Gustav and we had to put them on chains which they continually had crossed. :) They are used to a big yard.
Actually it has not been as bad as it sounds but I have been making three meals a day and eating. I will have to think of a food plan when we are all settled again.
Unfortunately, DH thinks DD and family will be really blessed to be able to live in their house by Christmas. There are so many people in their area needing the same services. My DD is a survivor so she will do this!!

By the way, Sharon, you are doing great getting off 2/3 of what you put on. Your chicken recipe sounds wonderful and I think I will try making it soon since I am cooking every day. Which I admit I don't usually do.

It has been cool here a few mornings, Only getting into the high 80's during the day but I think it is going to be warmer on the weekend. It was nice but short lived.

The only sewing that has been done this last while is I helped my DGD make a little teddy bear. Just two pieces sewed and stuffed with buttons for eyes and nose and a bow because it had to be a girl. :) She has been sleeping with it as well as a couple of other stuffed animals she always sleeps with. Kinda sweet. She has been doing things to help herself feel better and not miss mom and dad so much.

Miss you all when I don't come here. Have lurked a couple of times but usually don't take time to write. The children want the computer.

You thoughts and prayers are appreciated.


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Sally I have us all on the church's prayer list LOL!!!! My heart goes out to you, I remember the four we had during a short time frame in Fl and how I cleaned out the frig twice due to loss of elec and the mold builds up so fast. I am glad your fam has a safe place with you during this stressful time.
Sharon how is your home repair going????
My daughter in CF has to replace their carpet which is not very old due to water damage.
It is a beautiful day today about 80 and not humid. I have stopped reading the newspaper or listening to the news, it is just way too negative.
Losing 2 pounds that fast is wonderful, you go girl!!!!!
Have a safe and blessed day my quilting friends.

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Please continue to remember my son, his wife, and their unborn child in your prayers. The third ultrasound is on Monday. This is a follow up to keep a check on baby Raina's heart and brain abnormalities.

Thank you. Salijo

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Bless you Sally. Family is a wonderful thing, I'm so glad yours gets along and helps each other out. So many don't/won't. I'll keep you all in my prayers.


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Sally, it sounds like you've got some extra work there. Don't forget to take some "you" time during all of this!

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Just a correction here, earlier I posted my DIL's ultrasound is on Monday...I was wrong. It's on Tuesday.


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Sally, I'm glad your family's lives were saved and they have help in getting things taken care of. I know it will be a long time before life is back to normal for them, if ever. Don't forget to take some time for yourself with all that's going on in your life. How old are your grands? Can they pretty much fend for themselves? Set out the cereal boxes, milk and juice and they can do the rest. Lunch: Easy Mac, sandwiches or soup or do your cooking then and have leftovers in the evening. Make it easy on yourself, girlfriend! (they actually slept with a generator in the house?!)

Rosa, The home repair hasn't even gotten started yet!!! Except we've looked at Home Depot for what we want to put up. Maybe get the ceiling supplies this week. If I 'helped' him, that would count like, for exercise and burn up some calories, right? I really am not looking forward to this. He wants to do the ceiling first and I thought the walls would be done first......what do I know!

Salijo, The kids are being kept in prayer.

Beverly, All we can do is pray and Keep On Keeping On.

It's cooler but sticky today. DH has manicured the front plants. Anyone want bamboo for fishing poles? To make bongo-bongo wind chimes? We have all sizes!!! The neighbor's cats no longer have a hiding place under the philodendrons and now he's out there raking up. He'll want an early nap today. That means, I'll be appliqueing earlier than usual. Guess I should think about getting dressed. There was one day I got dressed at 4pm and didn't even realize how late it was! Think I need a caretaker yet?

Y'all KOKO..... @:)


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Just a quick update. Dennis's wife called this morning and they moved him to ICU last night. It is now just a matter of days, his organs have started to shut down. Still no firm diagnosis. Thanks for your prayers.


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Beverly, Salijo, and Sally special prayers were said at last night's meeting for everyone.
My cousin had a second heart attack over the weekend. Now the docs think it might her meds so they are running tests this week.
I think a lot of hers is stress, her son and daughter-in-law are going thru a rough period and may divorce.
Maybe she can relax while she is in the hospital.
I have to finish a beach and basketball themed lap quilt for my nephew's turning 16 girlfriend. He is almost 2 years older and now they can finally go on a date!!!!
They were in band at school so they saw each other at school functions and church.
I have been making Halloween and Christmas items and this is hard for me to finish. I am just not in the summer mood!!!!
Yes Sharon, that is going to be plenty of exercise!

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Hi all,

Sharon, I had to smile because it probably sounded like I'd been sleeping with the polution of a generator but no the generator was outside but running the air conditioner in the bed room. My grands that were here are 8 and 11 and quite capable of doing most things for them selves. They were not hard to keep. I did take them home on the weekend thinking School would start today. The younger (DGD) went to school but my DGS will not go back until Mon. because his school could not be ready. He spent the day playing in the neighborhood with friends his age that could not go to school either. They have gotten electricity and are staying in the part of the house that is livable. Things from about half of the house are now stored in the other half. They are doing the best they can and waiting on an adjuster. They will have to move out for repairs to be made but finding a place to rent will be a major chore with so many people displaced in the Houston area. So far my DD is doing ok.

Sharon and Salijo, I will continue to remember the baby and believe for a positive outcome which sounds like has already started. Salijo, it is so exciting what they can show us now even in the womb.

Thank you all so much for the prayers.

Rosa, Your towels in the gallery are really cute.

My DH's Mom is still with us and we have lots of decisions to make. So far we are doing fine. She is doing well after her fall but as with many elderly people there are problems with her staying by herself in a house too big for her to care for. We have been discussing her options and I have encouraged her not to make a decision she will regret in a short while. She is going to stay with us until the end of the month, then she already had a visit planned to her daughters.

I'm not getting near the scales right now.
I have not given up but things are on hold.


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Beverly, Debbie will continue to be in my prayers.

Rosa, How is your cousin doing? I'm not sure there's any relaxing in the hospital. They're always waking you up to go for walks, taking blood, or just plain to wake you up! Hope she's getting better. Isn't it amazing to watch the 'kids' grow up? They think their first true love will last for ever and ever. My cousin's did, he was 16 she was 14 and they've been married over 35 years now, but I think that's highly unusual.

Sally, It did sound like the generator was in the house!!! I thought NO NO NO!!!!! Whew, glad everyone is ok. Maybe they can get a FEMA trailer to put on their property when the repairs start? I hope things work out to the good for them without a lot of hassle. Do you think you might have to move your DH's mom in with you or her daughter? Maybe make an area just for her to give her a little independance? When you do get back on the scales, you might be mildly surprised....I'll bet you're not going overboard on what you eat.

Ok gals, I've finished my morning pot of coffee and am heading to the freezer and then the sewing machine. I lost another pound, so I'm down to where I was before the retreat. I'm looking at meatloaf to put on the table, but can't find it in my freezer. I'm sure I made 3 last week and only used 2 when DD and family came over.


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Hello all,
I hope you are all doing well and have some time this weekend to do something that is important to you be it sewing, biking, being outdoors, etc. I am thrilled to have a weekend in town and the list is long of things I want and need to do so hopefully will have a happy medium.

I think of you all the time so KOKO. Deanna

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Well, I found the meatloaf on the veggie shelf! So I'm not that crazy after all. Also, found a fruitcake I made last year, so DH is happy as he really does like fruitcake!

I have lots of sewing I want to do, so have made up a spreadsheet to help me stay on track and moderate my hashmark per 15 minutes. Will need to set the timer on my sewing table, or I'll forget. If I work on these things only, I should be able to get some WIP's completed!

It's cooled down today...the thermometer is setting on 60º so it looks like I might have to wear some socks today!

Hope y'all have a happy happy week-end and do a lot of laughing. Get with your family and watch some college football, yell at the ref's; watch some baseball playoffs, scream at the fans for interfering; get ticked off at the NFL kickers for missing the extra point and they were right in front of the goal posts....I think you get the point. "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine."


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Well, Sharon, we did have a good weekend.
Because of the storms, we are off schedule but we had BOM on Sat. for both Sept and Oct. There are 6 of us that go together but almost never all of us but on Sat. all 6 went to BOM, then to other shops we like and then lunch. While we were out, one got a call from her son to announce a coming grandchild (not her 1st but his 1st.) We were of course excited for her and it just added to the joy of our day!
DH and I got some little things around the house done.
One Sun after church we took my MIL to eat at Piccadilly-her favorite place. The rest of the day was rather lazy.

Finally an adjuster has come to see my DD's house. They are hoping they will get things rolling. DH told them we would help them until they get their insurance, so they have a roofer coming today. He says he can do it in 1 1/2 days. That is the most important thing at the time to get the roof replaced so no more damage will be done if it rains. The adjuster did say they would have to move out to get the work done on the house.

My MIL seems to be adjusting well. It is, of course, different having someone else in the house but it is working out fine so far. We are going to get the stitches out today. In 2 weeks she will go to her daughters house for 3 weeks (that was a pre-accident plan).

I've heard about the sandwich generation but I'm in it. I probably would be at my DD house for moral support but I need to be here. She is probably glad Mom is otherwise occupied. :) No, she would be glad for the support. We stay pretty connected by phone.

Hope everyone has a great week!


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Sally, It sounds like you have the various things that's going on in your life under control and still able to get with your quilting buds for some fun! Good for you!! Hanging in there and KOKO, eh?

I sorta just wandered aimlessly around the house/sewing area yesterday afternoon. Today will be an errand day, which is a good thing to get me out of the house. I need to schedule a flight for DH and myself, but I don't know might even be a spur of the moment thing.

Oh yeah, that timer thing? I forget to set the timer!


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