Ipe deck needs to be restored

court623June 25, 2009

My contractor installed our ipe deck in February and it's time for us to get it back to the original color. I've read some of the postings about the RAD system and TWP. Do I have to buy these products through the manufacturer's websites or will I be able to find it at a local retailer. I'm in northern NJ. Also, I read one post about TWP #116 and another about TWP #516. What is the difference and which one should I use? I've also read a few posts with some spotty finishes that look like water spots. What's the best way to avoid spots?

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I don't know enough to help with the TWP question or the water spots, but I can help with RAD.

RAD was a relabeling of two products from a company called Woodrich. Step one was the same as a product called EFC-38 and Step two was the same as a product called Calcitrate.

If you search "RAD woodrich" you will see the long history.

If you search TWP you will see numerous posts regarding this product and one real expert with it will be obvious. I don't know if this question has been asked directly before because I didn't search for it.

I don't know squat about spots.

I just got done using the EFC-38 and the Calcitrate and am hoping to stain with Woodrich's Amerreto today. The prepped wood looks lovely. I'm very happy with the results from these products as well as the customer service they provide.

Good luck


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