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thinkstoomuchJune 13, 2010

Hi All,

I purchased a home several years ago, and finally have the time to restore the porch flooring. I am told it is mahogany wood, although I am certain it can't be top notch quality. My problem is that (typical of the rest of the house) it was not installed properly. My assumption is that they used a nail gun to install. Whatever nails they used, they have caused black stains on the wood. Every single nail.

I have used Restore-A-Deck (had on hand), and it did nothing for the stains. In fact they stand out even more now because the rest of the wood is now brighter.

So, what product can I use to remove those stains? My plan is to use Penofin as the finish. I have an Ipe deck with Penofin and I'm happy with it (thanks for all your help here on this forum!). I'm hoping the Penofin will look just as nice on the mahogany, although I am open to suggestions if you have any.



Thanks for all your help.

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The black stains are from extractives in the wood reacting with the nail and leaching out. Some people call these tannin stains. You would use a wood brightener to remove them. I use Citralic Brightener/Neutralizer, it has always worked well.
With the Restore-A-Deck system, that would be your step 2. Do you have a picture of the stains?
If you still have some of your step 2, try mixing a little bit to test. When the wood is dry, dab some of your step 2 on a few of the spots with a brush. Allow the product to dry on the stain then rinse it off.
Because these stains are cased by extractives leaching out from within the wood, it may take a couple treatments to remove all of the staining.

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