penofin smell?

basketcatJune 2, 2009

I oiled my Ipe deck yesterday with Penofin. It smells so bad this morning, almost like skunk....Any ideas, suggestions?

You can't even walk outside or open the windows. I know it's the deck, as that is where the smell is the strongest.

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It won't last, be patient!

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some people would complain if they got hung with a brand new rope. J.

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Skunk? I've used Penofin for a few years doesnt smell like skunk to me. Smells like oil to me.

Is there a skunk (dead or alive) under your deck?? will go away.

Actually, I dont mind the smell. It's kinda like having the new car smell for your deck....

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Thanks, the smell has gotten a bit better.

~and John, I was not complaining. I wanted feedback to be certain it wasn't a bad can or that there wasn't another problem.

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