NW Houston - Consent to Encroach Utility Easement

newhoustonpoolMay 28, 2011

We are in the process of planning for a new pool in the NW Houston. We have a really small backyard with a 14 foot utility easement. This only gives us enough room for a pool that is at most 8.5 feet wide. It looks good on paper but when we started laying it out yesterday, not so good.

Has anyone in the Houston area gone through the process to encroach into the utility easement?

It looks as though you need a new survey and a $500 application fee and then another $500 if approved. I would appreciate any advice/feedback from anyone that has gone through this process.

How much encroachment is too much to ask for. I would like something in the neighborhood of 3-5 feet but a smaller amount could "work" as well and allow us to just straighten things out a bit.

Any local pool builders gone through this with their clients. All comments are welcome and thanks in advance.

It is all underground utilities and I back up to a road that has 30-35ft of common subdivision area.

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I would have a centerpoint representative come to your house and see what can be done to give you some additional space. They do site visits and offer advice. I know you can get the encroachment granted, but I don't know how many feet are the norm....

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It typically costs thousands to buy space in an easement

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I was wondering if there was any final resolution to this? I am actually in a near exact situation and would love to know. Hopefully they worked with you on the easement and it didn't break your bank!

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We had to get ALL the utilities and nearly the Army Corps of Engineers (we are building on a river/bayou) to consent to encroach for our sidewalk and retaining wall. It cost us $250 to pay the city for the legal paperwork, but I'm in a smallish town a couple hours from Houston. My best advice is to find the LOCAL engineers. Do not deal with anyone not in your local office. Keep calling until they give you the guy who actually drives around the neighborhoods and signs off on this stuff. In our case the electric company was the trickiest, but once we showed them their lines were actually 10 feet out from where we wanted concrete, they were happy to sign off on it.

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