sometimes i wonder where my brain goes! (OT)

luv_my_rosesAugust 14, 2006

some of you may know that i belong to an organization called pwoc. protestant women of the chapel. well we have been on a summer break, and our fall kick off is in the morning. it is a really big deal for us and we are expecting over 200 ladies. i have to be at the chapel by 8:30 to help with set up. i have a partner that shares my job responsibilities and we have been planning our table decorations and food items for a while (each chair person has a table to set up and decorate and provide finger foods), and even bought matching outfits to boot! so she agrred to make a layered salad and i was going to do meatballs. well guess who was laying in bed tonite thinking to myself "there's something i forgot to do..."

yep, i forgot the dang meatballs. so now i will be up dragging both girls to walmart at 6 in the morning to buy some of the premade kind. then i have to get myself and baby ready, and 10 yr old on the bus, AND cook meatballs and be out the door by 8 am. i don't know how i am going to get it all done. i will have to wake up running. and i am not a morning person.

i really don't know how i forgot this, we have been planning for so long!



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Walmart is open 24hrs LOL................

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There is a Supermom in all of us when the need arises.

I'd pick 'em up tonight and cook in the a m. Like Red says, Wal-Mart stays open for us all night. ;o

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Ditto what Doris and Red suggested - you'll feel much better (and sleep better) knowing they're in the house and ready too cook first thing in the morning...

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Look at the bright side. You remembered while you had enough time to do something about it. What if you had walked in and gotten to the table before you thought of it?

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I can sympathize with that! I agree with the trip to WM at night rather then waiting to do them in the a.m. I always keep ground beef in my freezer for emergency meals and I probably would have taken it out before bed and made them in the morning, but then again, I am a morning person.

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Darn! After all your planning!

I did something just like that a few months back. Waited over a month for the appointment where they'd make me some orthotic arches for my aching feet. I was thinking of it all weekend, but my husband and I had to go out of town to put in the docks--a four person job, mind you--by ourselves. I was a bit miffed at his parents for planning to be out of the country and off on one vacation after another, so that we had to do it ourselves.

Anyway, we were so worn out Monday morning, I completely forgot the appointment. Had to reschedule. Another month and a half later, turns out he doesn't think I need the arches after all. My feet got better from the PT. Saved myself over $400, so maybe it's a good thing I missed that first appointment.

Your job now is to try to figure out why it was better to have forgotten to make the meatballs. It might be better that way, just like the "mistake" on your wall hanging.

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everything worked out pretty good. i had to wait till the am to go to walmart cuz the girls were already in bed when i realized i had forgot. (my husband is deployed, so i can't run out at last minute like i would have prefered). but i went and got them this morning. cooked 160 sweet and sour meatballs and had zero leftovers. they went quick!

then i came home and took a 2 hour nap this afternoon. lol

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I am so happy things worked out so well for you. Hmmmmm, sweet and sour meatballs sound really yummy and I guess they were since there were no leftovers!

I also hope you enjoyed that special day since you were looking so forward to it.


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