OT - Looming Hurricane!?!

K8OrlandoAugust 22, 2012

I know a lot can happen between now and landfall so I shouldn't be worried. But if you were standing where this little red man is standing (it's right over my house) and you saw the track of Isaac, wouldn't you be a little nervous? I feel like it's headed right for us!

I guess I better get more batteries for the flashlights and some hand sewing ready in case we lose power. I just saw the evening update though and it looks like it's headed more towards Tampa now than Orlando. Hunker down, WestCoasters!


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Stay safe Kate!

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Take care, Kate! ... and the rest of you in Florida!

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Good idea to be prepared. Stay safe!

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Hunker down best you can. Now I understand the term "storm cellar". Rush to the store for lots of chocolate and alcohol. And, maybe extra water.

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Yes Kate-please prepare. And all those in Isaac's path.
It is suppose to hit Tampa, but the cone of the storm is very damaging. Tropical Storms cause Major damage.
Buy alot of ice. Gas up ALL vehicles, and your portable gas cans. Buy Clorax to have on hand. Prepare your camping gear
Before it hits - fill all your bathtubs with water - pool water is great to flush - but if it blows out of your pool....
Your hands will be shaking to much to do hand work :)
Getting thru a Hurricane or Tropical Storm is a long process. It rattles your soul and your house!

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Kate, those storms rarely make it this far inland (the year we had 3 in a row was the ONLY time in my entire life I can remember more than one storm in a season making it to Orlando), but it's still good to be prepared. :)

Toolgranny, you made me laugh...that year we had all the storms I was at the grocery store right before one of them, and the checkout lines were full of mostly young people (20s maybe) loaded up with beer and chips. LOL


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The West Coast is my area....north of Tampa about 70-80 miles. DH is flying out of Sanford/Orlando on Sunday and Holly is taking the cat to her house. Have had standing water at the back of the house and in his greenhouse for weeks but he said the mosquitoes haven't been really bad.

We fly back on Sept 2nd so will miss all the hoopla and parties. I've had enough hoopla the last week to last me for a long time but looking forward to seeing the Geezer Guy on Sunday.


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Kate, I told u what to...your room is ready, DH can play golf, we can quilt, dogs/ cats can do what they do best.... Sleep!

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Sometimes running away is the best option!

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Take care and keep your fingers crossed but be prepared. Thinking of you.

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Boy do I remember having those back to back, and the one that turned around and came back, hurricanes.

Our electric was restored before my daughters and we had the 2 DGDs. We were at the point of having to buy new undies for them cause we couldn't wash lol!!!!

Stay safe everyone!

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I am an expert at living with no electricity - 4 days is the max - then I get stretched to my limits.

Usually, I cook something - almost always get a Rotisserie chicken as an emergency. Cooked main courses do keep in the cooler.

We always buy extra beer - when it is wintertime we stick it outside, but must be vigilant not to let it freeze.

I'll be watching - everyone check in please.

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Take care, all you Florida residents. We'll be thinking of you. As Marsha said - please check in.

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