8-14 diet/exercise challenge (a bit early, sorry)

grammypAugust 11, 2006

Ok, we are all off to a good start. We should be in the habit of moving an extra 30 minutes daily, and we should have cut out one of our junk foods and replaced it with water (or flavored water, but not soda). This week we will work on our diet again. We need to each take a good long look at our daily lives and when we eat meals, snacks, and extra junk foods. Having regularly scheduled "feedings" can make diet management much easier to live with. Melinda has a nice schedule:

Breakfast: 200 calories

Lunch: 500 calories

Dinner: 300 calories

Two - three between meal healthy snacks: 200 calories total

These are estimates, and can be adjusted to meet your personal needs (like for those who may work nights). 1200 calories is the basic level for weight loss, if you are not trying to lose weight you probably can have 1500.

The whole point is by having a regular schedule you know you will eat in just a little while (like every 3 hours) and will be able to control your extra snacks and will actually not get hungry because your blood sugar will stay level. I think if we work on having a regular eating schedule it will naturally lead to controling how much we eat.

I will be gone next week, but if I can find some internet I will be checking in from time to time. Everyone take care and work on your schedules.


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Oh, this is not a good week - will really test my willpower! I'm doing ok with the moving thing - cleaned (and I mean cleaned) the whole house, mowed yards, cleaned up flower gardens, etc. for an open house/party we just had today for DH's retirement this past week. Made tons of food and have lots of leftovers, then Friday have a picnic/potluck with one of the car clubs, then Sunday a car show out of town - I'll definitely take my own food to that, as they usually have only junk-type food at those things. I have lost about 3 of those last 10 pounds, though, just hoping they don't find me again!!

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I can't imagine me going about counting calories...wouldn't even know where to begin with that! But I'm moving regularly/almost daily, and have been cutting back on most snacks. Will continue to work on that!

Keep up the good work, everyone! Willpower is a very difficult thing to overcome... It's hard having snacks around for everyone else in the house, and not eat it myself! But I've found that quilting CAN be a good thing. When I get in my studio and sewing I forget to snack!!

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I don't snack but I do drink alot of instant coffee w milk. I had that fact driven home to me when I was filling out the job application. I found myself reaching for my mug - repeatedly. That may be the hardest part of working for me - not having my coffee. I drank coffee at the store off & on all day long. I'd put my mug down to help a customer, forget it and make another. I'd have to walk around and collect them so I could do all the dishes.

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I don't know how many calories I consumed but I had a whole wheat berry muffin for breakfast (That I made so I know what's actually in it!). A yogurt for lunch (I know I should have had more but I was running around and running late.)

For dinner I made grilled chicken and shrimp (don't fire up the barbeque w/out throwing some shrimp on.) Fresh green beans, and Cornbread muffins made with 1/2 whole wheat flour and splenda instead of sugar.

I did have some diet soda.

I would have had a handful of cheetos at some point but DH hid them. (such a dear.)

We have some fresh peaches I may cut up for a later snack or breakfast.

I have been doing GOOD about getting some exercise. I walk the dogs every day but now I've been hitting the gymn (in our garage) too.

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Good for you Laura!!!

I've not been so good. I had Outback for dinner on Monday..I had a chicken caesar salad which wasn't too bad, but then followed it with their 7 layer fudge cake! I've been eating that for 3 days!

I've not walked the dog this week...having preferred to take time for myself either shopping or sewing.

I'm going to try to do better today...and the next few. Leave on Monday for a 4 day trip, so that might help with the eating/snacking at least.

Keep up the good work everyone!!

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My last two weeks haven't been the greatest but tomorrow am, my dd and I are walking a 5K. Hope the weather will be cool as it begins at 8AM. Hopefully we can get done in an hour. Have a good weekend everyone. Deanna

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I'm home, and sadly didn't do really well at the beach. We went out to eat only twice and I did have grilled amberjack so that wasn't bad, but the key lime pie was not so good (actually it was wonderful, that was the problem). We did have fresh fruit and salad with each meal and I avoided fried foods all week, but I did break down and have a wine cooler on the beach at night. Managed to get lots of exercise walking up and down the beach. They have dredged sand and replaced most of the beach and it was just full of shells. We collected 30 each of 5 kinds and 20 of another for SIL's sisters 2nd grade class. We got many, many others but not enough for each student, so those will go on a display for the room. It was actually hard to get into the water for the shells on the beach. By Wed most of them had been covered with sand and you could walk better, so we did.

Laura you seem to be doing so very well. I'm proud of you. Keep up the good work. Isn't Splenda the greatest stuff!!

Glassquilt, you sound like me. When I worked for the Air Force I would fix at least 10 cups of coffee a day, and only get to drink 1 or 2. But mine was mostly just an excuse to get up from my desk for a while.

How did you do Jennifer? Did you make it thru the week? There are many books available to help with the calorie counting and the diet organizer is a really good aid too. You can put in your own recipes if you want and it will figure the calories for you.

Way to go scraphappy. Only 7 more pounds. I do hope the other 3 didn't find you. I do find it easier to take my own snacks. Those fast food ones are killers.

I guess I need to weigh and see just how bad I was last week. I'll check back in later.


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I need to join you ladies!
I'll say I'm starting tomorrow........LOL

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