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deannabsdAugust 4, 2009

Hello girls,

I have dropped off the wagon from getting my good exercise in so if any of you are wanting to provide support back to each other, I would appreciate it.

The cute capri summer pants are too tight---so figured I better get moving again.

Hope that you are all well. I miss your posts.

Deanna in South Dakota KOKO

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Good luck Deanna, it is so much better to lose the weight than replace the clothes.

I spent the evening in the ER last night. Seems my diverticulitis has flared up. So I now have 7 days on Flagyl and Cipro, low residue diet, and no exercise, bending, lifting. Guess I will lay on the couch and work on my apple core quilt.


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Oh Beverly,
I hope that you are feeling better. Did you have any bike trips planned during this time. I had a bad foot in February and did lots of sewing and I was happy but that is when my exercise program went kaput. I found out I started getting crabby withouth my exercise so lay low and send photos of your apple quilt. Deanna

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Thanks Deanna. This is DH's week to work, so no trips planned, but will miss the morning rides. I am some better today, but still cramping. I'll try to get a picture this afternoon and post it. I had to buy a new camera Wed (mine had suffered one too many falls from the bike), and need to figure out how it works.


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Beverly you are so active I know it must be really hard for you to lay on the couch, but you need to do it.
Hope you are well soon. I love your apple core.
Deanna I am in my 4th month of going to the gym and Beverly was a big motivator. It is way too hot to walk outside and it rains in the afternoons. (That is my excuse LOL).
I am more toned and I lost 3 pounds. Summer is the 'birthday parade' LOL and last Friday night we went out to a birthday dinner and a birthday party Saturday. Of course I over ate at both!

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I am feeling soooo much better. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. I'm still on a low residue diet, but the pain is gone (except when I sneeze). I think I will be able to get back on the bike this week.

Good for you Rosa. Don't worry about overeating once a year. Just get back to the gym. We burn about 600 calories an hour on the bike, that helps with the little extras I eat. Keep up the good work at the gym, I hope to get back to mine this week.


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Well, KOKO has been the story of my life this year but it hasn't had to do with losing weight...but, I need to think about it now. Too hot to be outside, but I might try to walk some in the mornings....if my knees and hips let me. This morning, for some reason, I slept til 10:30...and Clay let me!

Deanna, You'll get back into your routine and your capri's will slip right on!

Beverly, I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. Be kind to yourself and take it easy for awhile.

Rosa, You're such a good doobee! Going to the gym, etc. I miss being able to do things like that. Think I'll see if I can find a yoga program on TV and record a few of them.

SharonG/FL - KOKO

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