Tiling a concrete porch with garage beneath

jasperdogJune 16, 2013

We are rebuilding a house (teardown) and we reused the front porch which has a concrete deck that is over a portion of the garage (garage is in the basement). The original homeowner glued down indoor/outdoor carpet. This caused some spalling of the surface. The surface is flat with no significant slope. There are a couple of low spots with slight pooling after rain.

We would like to cover the porch deck with tile and are looking for any dos or don'ts, best products to use, and what to do to waterproof the interface between the porch deck and the house. The stucco guy is chomping at the bit to get the stucco on.

Do we need to increase the slope and if so, how. Otherwise I was going to use a leveling product to fill in the area of spalling and raise the area of pooling. There are two hairline cracks that are full thickness through the slab. Do we need to caulk these some how or will using a membrane like ditra take care of that issue?

The tile would get wrapped around the porch apron with slightly recessed brick walls beneath with will be covered with foam and stucco so the tile will still be slightly proud of the stucco below, but probably only by 1/2 to 3/4". Will we need to incorporate a drip edge at the interface of the tile and stucco?


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Sounds difficult to do without risking cracking along the hairline cracks. Hard to advise you without seeing it. I realy can't get a mental picture of what you are dealing with. I can tell you that I usually slope 1/4 inch per foot.

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Tiling over a significant cracks usually result in cracked tiles. I would post your query on the tiling forum that ends in Bridge and the first name is John. And ends with .com.

There is a reason I can't name the forum here on GW.

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CB - I'll see if I can snap a photo tomorrow and post it.

SC - Thanks, I will check the recommended tiling forum.

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