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taracolJune 9, 2013

My husband and I are putting in a 12x12 paver patio. What's the best way to prep for this? We have dug down a few inches and so far and have used some dirt, weed blocker fabric and some paver/gravel base. The paver base that we purchased had several large rocks in it which were useless. Is edging a must? What type and size of pavers is the easiest to install? I realize its probably a matter of preference but Im looking for ideas at this point. Thanks!

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If you've done the base correctly and just need design ideas, then check the link below. There are over 400 pages, so plenty to look at!
Yes, you'll need some type of edging.

Here's a video of some basic steps:

Here is a link that might be useful: Patio designs

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I hope you didn't actually use soil in the base as that doesn't compact as well as the gravel base and you'll likely get settling. You need to come up off undisturbed soil with your base. Yes, you need edging, so your base needs to extend past where the border will be so you can spike in the edging.

Go to your local stone and paver supplier and find something you like, and they can provide you with tech specs for proper installation. Don't buy the pavers from Lowes/HD/Menards, they're crap. Techo-Bloc is the Cadillac of pavers and available in most areas.

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I don't think you will get a step by step procedure here. A soil base is not acceptable, 4" compacted 3/4 inch limestone, then 4" screenings compacted and worked with a 2 degree slope, watered, screeted and repeated. Yes you need a border of some type to hold it all in. Then stone fines swept between pavers.

No need for landscape cloth below, weeds grow in between pavers on top not from below.

The larger the pavers the faster they go in. There are numerous patterns to choose from, pick one.

Search Ask This Old House archives for step by step episode, I saw a great one this past winter, maybe check on YouTube.

Good luck and get a good plan together before you begin. Get rid of the soil you have laid down or tamp the begeebers out of it.

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This is why internet advice is dangerous. 4" of screenings? As in stone dust? No no no. 1" of bedding sand on top of your base. Stone dust w/ pavers is outdated and actually may void your warranty. has all the tech specs you need. And stone fines in the joints are great if it's 1998. Polymeric sand is the way to go.

The landscape cloth below the base isn't to keep weeds out, it's to prevent soil particles from migrating into the base stone.

It doesn't matter how much you tamp base with soil in it, your base is f****d.

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Here is the patio with pergola that I am building.

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