Newbie unsure of pool shape and other questions

thanosMay 16, 2013

I'm very close to signing with a builder, I've narrowed it down to two. There are some differences with the two and I'm not sure if they matter much.

This will be an in-ground pool. Something in the 18X41 area. Right now I'm torn between a Lagoon style or L shaped. Any pros or cons I should be aware of? I have a 135 year old Victorian house, what would work best with the house style? I also have 2 young kids.

I want to have a slide, a waterfall and a sun deck as the 2nd step in the entry.

Builder A uses Royal (Imperial) pools, Hayward SWG, Hayward pump, Hayward DE filter, Hayward or Aqua comfort heat pump (he suggests the heat pump), Garret or Imperial liners.

Builder B uses Cardinal Systems pools, Jandy SWG, Pentair Pump, Pentair DE Filter, Raypack heater (he suggests propane), Latham liners.

Prices are very close. Both builders came from personal recommendation/reference.

What are your thoughts on pool shapes? Is there a difference between the equipment used by the two, do their choices say anything about them?

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Google: Pentair vs. Hayward, and you'll be able to form an opinion if you don't get a lot of them here. I have Pentair. My PB doesn't use Hayward. Not sure why. Maybe he's tied into using strictly Pentair.

Pool shape. I knew someone with a Victorian home. Wish I had a pic of her pool and backyard - it was outstanding. You entered the pool area through a white, trellised archway LOADED with climbing roses. The pool was rectangular and the yard was surrounded by a white, Victorian picket fence. Lots of hydrangea, hollyhocks and other old style plants along the fence. Stunning. The coping was some type of stone and the far side of the pool had grass right up to the coping - with that Victorian garden and picket fence just beyond that.

I think any shape might work - the landscaping will make the difference. To be honest, though, a lot of cement and/or a moss rock wall that isn't blended into the landscape superbly wouldn't do your house justice. Or a loud waterfall. Or sheer descents. The formality of your house and lifestyle will help with your decision, too. Good luck! Decisions, decisions.

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The answer on the best shape is hard to answer unless knowing all the additions you want to the pool. Personally, I would think a lagoon style would be best. It should also be less expensive to build than a comparable sized L-Shape pool. Some people use Hayward exclusively because their equipment prices tend to be lower. I changed from Hayward to Pentair about 5 yrs ago and have been happier. I find the Pentair products to be more innovative and I like their warranty program better for my customers. I have never heard of Cardinal systems, so you must be in a different part of the country that I am.

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I'm no designer, but if I was thinking "formal garden" or "formal house", then I'd go with the straight-sided pool. Rectangular, L-shaped, etc.

Informal, I'd go with a free-form or curved edge pool; kidney-shaped, lagoon-style, etc.

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Thanks for the feedback!

We decided on a roman end 20"X 50" rectangle.

banana_fanna, that sounds really nice. We're planning on doing stone pavers, not cement I kinda like the idea about grass on the edge of the pool.

We have to get a slide for our kids, but were thinking about a 15 foot long wall with water feature. Nothing rocky or mossy though.

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