Anyone else get a friendly reminder from Garden Web?

lots2doAugust 26, 2006

Well, I'm back from my vacation and have just started to sift through all of the threads I've missed. And, I have a friendly reminder that my "OT" I posted on discussions should have been here instead. Anyone else had this happen???

Anyway, now that I am apparently in the right place, I am back from vacation. The transmission went on my car fifteen minutes into the trip so we had to double back, squeeze all of the stuff in the car into the van and head out again.

I did get to my favorite quilt shop and picked up some last minute I-spies to send off to Amy soon.

Take care everybody,


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bkfdwife OT's have been moved in the past, not lately, and I have never gotten an email from them!
Sorry about your car, transmission trouble seems to be running rampart! My van is slipping, but is ok around town for now, just wouldn't tow the camper again!
Welcome back, hope you had a restful vaca!

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Thanks, Lisa!
Just read the thread on the 'other side' about the quilt police on Aug. 17. This was when I got the email and my message was moved and now I have my explanation!

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Maybe someone is snitchin' instead of stichin!

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Hahaha! Minnie, you're a hoot! No, Kelly, I've never been contacted by "them," and I'm just as guilty of being OT from time to time.

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