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teresa_nc7August 7, 2006

The past few days I've been reading the email digest from a sourdough list that I recently joined - Oh, My, Goodness! There are some really snipey people there! I posted one little comment concerning the feeding of starters and another member jumped up with a snide comment about what I had said. maybe I should keep my mouth shut? Then somebody else jumps all over him for his trying to get another member banned from the group. Makes me want to holler, "PEOPLE! This is about bread and baking for goodness sakes!"

Thank you all for being the dear, considerate souls that you are. Even when there have been harsh words here, it didn't last long and didn't get *too* ugly. I mean, we don't get into ugly yelling matches debating the merits of Viking over a we? you think it means anything that the arguments were mostly between men on that sourdough forum?

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I know what you mean Teresa. I have lurked on some other forums and decided I just really didn't want to post there. Sometimes it was like they didn't even want you to have an opinion, much less express it. I don't like all that tension. I can tollerate differences of opinion and can even learn from the them (hey, sometimes I am wrong) as long as they are nicely expressed and not accusitory (sp?) or threatening. What works for me may not work for you, but may work for someone else. What I like you may not, but someone else may. We should all be able to express ourselves with out fear of having a bite taken out of our backsides. That is one thing I too love about this site. We are individuals who have chosen to be kind and considerate and still remain individuals. Thank you all for being such wonderful, helpful, considerate, kind, loving people.


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I've noticed also that occasionally posters on some other forums, even ones on GW, can sometimes get a little testy and rude. I appreciate so much the support and consistent good manners and help we all extend to each other and that's what keeps me posting. Maybe breadmaking is just more emotional, as I think women can get pretty argumentative, too. I just think quilters are a special breed of people!!

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I used to be on several forums and heard lots of cat fights, picking sides and such. I would just sit back and eventually not go back.
Its something about the written word you just cant see the expression, but you sure do get the tone of things. I like it here also because I can go with the flow and if I dont like what Beverly says I just will not repsond ( cuz you know she is always right) lol
Mostly I like the attitude everyone has here to help and learn and drool over everyones beauties.

I guess I have not been here long enough to see anyone get ugly. And if they did I look at it as they could be having a bad day.
BTW teresa whats that you say...I think Viking's the best. lol But then I have not tried anything else.

Everyone is great here.


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evening ladies! I lurk on several forums, because these folks have alot of information to offer, about all different things. But they just can't get past the petty catfighting, on ANY of them!'s so nice to come here and read, relax, and feel part of a family. Quilters are such wonderful people!! Thanks to all of you...((((((GROUP HUG)))))))
Lisa, owner of 3 brothers, 1 singer, daughter of a HARD CORE VIKING USER! hahahahahahahahahaha I don't care what name is on them, as long as we can get 'er done!

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Lisa, I would never have taken you for a Blue Collar Comedy person! Do you get the Red Green show too. Caught it while we were in Tennessee and loved it.


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LOL, Lisa! You sound like me - an equal opportunity machine owner! I love them all and think they should all have good home, especially the older, used models.

Also, I dislike ALL people - whether on the internet or in person - who are unkind. We need a more kinder, gentler, internet and it is us, the quilters, who should show the way.

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Well its still true,

If You Do not Have something NICE to say...Keep you mouth shut. It is never necessary to intentional hurt someone.


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haha....yeah...that's me, my release from the real world!
We have Red Green, it's absolutely awesome! I don't get to see it a whole lot, it's on PBS here and never seems to be on when it's scheduled. When I was in my High School years, mom got this new Husqvarna sewing machine, I could never figure it out! I too am not really a "brand" shopper, pretty much whatever I can afford that has what I need on it. Now that I have been enlightened by my Brother SE270D embroidery machine with all the decorative stitches, I am having a blast! My other brother is an industrial, straight stitch only, BORING, but FAST! Important for work.....

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On some of the forums the 'flaming' is so bad I can't get past it to find anything useful. When I was lurking on them it would put me in a bad mood. Just wasn't worth it.

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You know, there's alot to be said about a person that lets any aspect of bread dough get their panties in a wad.

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Well said, Kay! I am another member who loves the fact that we all get along so well here. I remember a couple of years ago on one sewing forum someone posted a message marked "off topic" asking for prayers for her brother I think - he was really sick or something. Well, pretty soon they were all tearing each others' throats out over that simple little request. Geez...if you don't believe in God or you're offended by something like that post, just don't read it!

Cyber-hugs to all,

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I understand what you mean for sure! Even on the GW, there are some forums that I will read if looking for something in particular, but I won't join in because I was sniped at once for asking for help on the computer forum. Never again!

That sour dough forum that you it The Fresh Loaf by any chance? I only lurk there and I have gotten some great ideas and delicious recipes from that forum. I love baking bread! I also lurk a lot on the pizza forum and have found the best pizza dough recipe ever on there, but I have never posted.

Can you share the sour dough starter here that you use?

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I have seen a lot of nastiness on other forums, EBAY forum for one when I had a question. I was ATTACKED by the "regulars" -- I thought, how pathetic, this is their LIFE their little FIFEDOM where they feel important and lie in wait to pounce? Ridiculous.

In political forums, which I love discussing politics but quit going in there becaues you either agree with someone or your were called all kinds of names by someone you consiedered to be a loon to begin with. What's the point?

The worst I think was when I went into a legal forum with an employment law question. Others had asked questions in there "on behalf of" their spouse or boyfriend. I asked a question and made the mistake of saying it was for a friend. These SNIDE, ANGRY, SARCASTIC lawyers tried to sharpen their claws on me because it was "none of my business" to ask a question for someone else. Ironically, my clients are all attorneys and while I know people like to tell lawyer jokes ha ha, I had NEVER met someone in REAL life that would even WANT to talk to a stranger the way these alleged attorneys spoke to me (and turns out they were wrong to-boot.

People seem to change when they get a keyboard under their paws -- but I love the quilting forum where I go away feeling happier, not irritated.

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Lucy and all,
I do love The Fresh Loaf and find great recipes there and friendly, helpful members. No, the sniping is on a sourdough group at Yahoo. I'm that close to jumping ship on that one. I love also and the people there are wonderful. I'm just not making pizza too often at the present.

I finally found a sourdough culture that really works from Carl's Friends, a group that keeps a sourdough from 1847 on the Oregon Trail. You can get dried flakes very cheaply and then get your own starter going.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carl's Friends Sourdough pages

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I remember reading about Carl's Friends a while back and even thought about buying some of the starter. On the pizza forum, I started using the Lehman (sp?)pizza dough recipe or the Same Day pizza dough and I am hooked. I make pizza at least once a week, mainly to do away with a meat dish at least for that day. We love pizza here and it is always a request when my kids come home.

Although I grow my own tomatoes and make the sauce from scratch, after lurking on the Pizza Forum, I found the that I will now buy the Muir Glen tomatoes to keep on hand if we should run out of home grown. They are really good canned tomatoes and especially good for pizza.

Laura,!! Arghh! Hate both and I am sorry to say that, but it is a personal feeling. Somehow when I think of either of them, I think of people arguing all the time. I also don't think I would trust a politician or lawyer as far as I can throw them, LOL!

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You may have a point about trusting politicians and lawyers -- they both make a living off having "agendas" thay may or may not represent their true feelings.

I may have exaggerated some when I said all my client lawyers are nice -- but the truth is MOST of them are. Of course there are different areas of law, I'm sure a business lawyer and a criminal defense lawyer may be two totally different animals.

The lawyers in this one forum though -- they were just downright NASTY. People can be wrong, and people can be rude -- but when they are SO RUDE and SO WRONG all at once -- well that's just amazing!

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You do not have to purchase the dried culture from Carl's Friends - all you have to do is send a self-addressed stamped envelope (business size) to the address listed on their site.


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Hi everyone,

I'm new here, just joined after doing "lurking visits" for a while, to make sure this was a friendly place. I decided to join finally, because I could see that it isn't one of the kind of forums where people are rude, etc. I joined a Pfaff forum years back to ask a question and was jumped all over (gee, this sounds a familiar refrain, doesn't it??), and more recently went to a Fodor's travel forum, and that episode even degenerated into name calling, so I'd pretty much written off any forum participation since then.

Anyway, I agree, this is a friendly place, and I do hope to contribute useful information from time to time.



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Welcome Nadine! We are a pretty tame group, and these ladies have some awesome info!!!
Lisa from Maine

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Welcome Nadine, it's a great forum...there's a lot of knowlege, experience and fun here. It really is a case of "the more, the merrier."

Linda (from Ohio)

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Welcome Nadine-you'll like it here.


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Hi Nadine! Nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy your stay with us. We are a very helpful and friendly group here and always willing to jump in to help another quilter out. I know, because I have been on the receiving end several times.


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Welcome, Nadine. Glad you could join us. We are a friendly group if I say so myself. I also have given up on several forums.

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