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Penguin PoolsMay 1, 2010

Has anyone hear or tried Delta UV as a sanitizer for their pool? The company says that you should run your pump 24/7 in order to get the UV to kill everything.

Would be nice to get away from chlorine.

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It only works on the water passing through it. The water in the pool can take over 4 turns of its volume to pass.

If one turn of your pool takes 6 hours, thats over 24 hours for all the actual water to have an opportunity to pass the cell.

Biologicals, not including algae, can reproduce in as little as 15 minutes. How many times will they double in 6 hours? 24 hours?... Algae grows on the wall and will never pass through.

Chlorine leaves a residual in the pool to take care of these situations. It also acts as an oxidizer for reducing body wastes that need to be broken down. UV acts as a supplemental sanitizer system only. Unlike ozone, it won't do both but like ozone, only acts on water passing in the cell and as stated earlier, has issues with what's in the pool.

A properly balanced pool will not smell like chlorine, will not hurt eyes, will not need to run the pump as long, and has a reasonable cost. Why go away from what works best? Save your money.


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I asked my PB about these, and he said they are a niche gadget that works, but then gave me the water lesson the poolguynj just explained.

My PB said nice expensive toy, fine for supplemental sanitation, not a replacement for chlorine.

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I recently installed a delta uv es-40 unit. It has worked great with chlorine levels at 1ppm. It took 4 days to turn my green pool to blue. With UV sanitation you will still have to maintain chemical balance of the pool, but it will greatly decrease chemicals needed. The water is much softer now with no smell of chlorine. The water even looks different like a natural spring. For those that are uneducated on UV sanitation most olympic pools use it. New York's drinking water system uses it, and it is now mandated by government for commercial pools to have it. Gimmick....NO This really works ...welcome to the future, although its been used for years in Europe. Many people in the fish tank industrial swear by it. I am now a believer as well. I do not sell these filters nor affiliated with any. My pool has vast exposure to elements.

Waterborne pathogens get a lot of exposure in the news. ThatâÂÂs because theyâÂÂve been associated with some of the nastiest recreational water illnesses (RWI's) ever reported. Germs such as cryptosporidium, E. coli, giardia, and shigella cause diarrhea, the most common symptom. The most severe diseases are cryptosporidiosis and giardiasis. Although a few RWI cases have led to kidney failure, the more common and less severe complications are skin rashes, respiratory infections and otitis externa, commonly called swimmers ear. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been gathering information from state health authorities on RWI outbreaks since 1978. Since 1985, the number of outbreaks of diarrhea connected with swimming pools is on the rise. Some of these outbreaks have affected thousands of swimmers. Ultra-potent UV is scientifically proven to eliminate waterborne pathogens while lowering the need for chemicals.

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day 1 preinstall

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day 4

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Do you still like your uv system? My PB says it's the new way to go but love how salt doesn't dry you out. Is it costly to upkeep? Thanks

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