My Diet Challenge Pledge for the week

melindaeuAugust 5, 2006

I have a saying, "If I don't keep track, I lose track." So I'm making my written commitments up front, then track them at the end of each day.

Breakfast: 200 calories

Lunch: 500 calories

Dinner: 300 calories

Between meal healthy snacks: 200 calories

That's 1200 calories daily, hmmm, I'm stuffed already.

Exercises Daily:

McDonald's 15 min Cardio DVD (it came in my McDonald's Grilled chicken salad)

Stair stepper: 100 steps

50 pushups (girly style)

50 situp crunches

OK, that's good for a start, and manageable. But ohh, that 1200 calories a day looks mighty pitiful.

Have a good week everybody,


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You can do it Mel. Just space things out so you don't have to go more than 3 hours between "feedings" and you can do it. The exercise will help curb the hunger and remember to drink plenty of fluids. You go girl.


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I have gotten slack on the McDonalds DVD's so that will be my pledge to do one of them 2 x a week in addition to my other workout. Have a good week everyone. Hope to get out and kayak today also.

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Deanna, kayaking sounds like great fun. Much better than hiking in 99+ heat. Enjoy your exercise.


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I may try a little different slant on this all - I've found from past experience, that if I set myself up with too many rules and limits, my resolve and willpower doesn't last. I don't count calories, but I do try to eat less - basically anything I want to, but alot less of it. This needs to be a lifetime method for me - not just until I lose 10 lbs. or 20, or more. The hardest part of weight loss is keeping it off! Also exercise - - if I feel I HAVE to exercise x amt. of minutes a day, it becomes a task, a burden, a cause of guilt if I don't accomplish - and no one needs more guilt! I am fairly active, just less so than when I worked, and I failed to take that into account, so some weight hopped back on, but I know what to do. I take advantage of opportunities to walk a little further, go up and down the stairs here at home more often, etc. I used to do aerobics, and loved it! Now, love to dance around to a CD. The point is, it has to be something we're enjoying, and willing to do without feeling like it's an ordeal. Also, a big incentive to me anyway, is all the health issues involved with carrying around a little extra weight. I don't want Type II diabetes, knee replacement surgeries, high BP, etc. etc., so I really get picky sometimes with what I eat and how much. Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now! Good luck to us all with this endeavor!

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You are so right scraphappy. This does have to be a lifestyle. I have started taking the stairs at work and parking a little farther from stores. I think twice before I eat anything extra (it isn't really that long till my next meal after all). I find little things to fill my time instead of eating (I can eat my snack after I clean out the junk drawer ...) and it all adds up (or down, depending on how you look at it). If you can make yourself do something (like take stairs instead of the elevator) for 3 weeks, it will become a habit, but you do have to be aware of doing it for it to become habit. Once you form a good habit, it is time to start on another one. Bad habits seem to come much more easily to us, I guess they are just more fun, so we have to be careful and not start any of those.

Keep up the good work everyone and we will see improvements before we realize it.


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I'll mention one more thing, that I've thought of. Alot of the overeating we do is "emotional eating" - eating to comfort us, eating because we're bored, anxious, depressed, stressed, etc. etc. If we're just aware of why we're in the kitchen, looking through the cupboards or ref., it will help us control that habit.

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