I can't believe this!

vicky4x4August 7, 2007

Another trip to the ER, can you believe it my son got strung by another bee!!!! This time on the ear, it blew up like a balloon. I got Benadryl into him right away but he was feeling a tightness in his chest so off I went to the ER. He is ok, I just can not believe all that's happened this summer.

I need a break today.


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sounds like you need to get dear DR. to prescribe you an epi pen to keep handy!!!

Hope he's feeling better now.

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Stings can be so scary when you're allergic.

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You should be getting an epi pen every summer. If he takes a direct hit or multiple hits you won't have time for anything else. It's a "better safe than sorry" thing.
Our DD got 7 stings before we could cross the yard and get her outta that mess!!

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Wow, that's scary. Glad he is ok -- that epi pen sounds like a good idea... And Bon -- 7 stings? That's crazy scary.

OK, I know, a dog can't REALLY compare to a child, but the other day I was walking ours and one started freaking out over her foot. I couldn't find anything wrong but called DH w/ my cell and he was there in an instant to pick us up. She threw up. Got home, she threw up about 5 more times and was listless for a couple hours. We couldn't get a hold of the vet but realized she wasn't going to die so did not take her to emergency. Finally, I found a tiny bee stinger in the top of her foot. I took it out and she perked up. (Timing was coincidence, I'm sure.) Scary stuff.

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