8-7 diet/exercise update

grammypAugust 7, 2006

This should be our 3rd week of increasing our daily movement and our 2nd week of cutting our junk food. I think everyone is beginning to get the hang of this now, except for the heat.

Did anyone see the today show this morning. Susan Powter was on (remember her from the 90's?) encouraging women to move. She had audience members just march in place as a beginning. That is not such a bad idea if you can't get out. She had some of them using steps, just step up and down, raise your arms as you step if you want for extra movement. Tomorrow she will be back with more advise. She is a bit outlandish, but does make some good points. We can all march in place while the commercials are on tv, or for 10 minutes before we quilt and 5-10 minutes every hour or so. The stretching would be nice.

Have we all remembered to leave off our chosen junk food and have an extra water drink instead? I am about lemonaided out now. Think I will change to peach tea for a while now. I have managed to avoid all chips and crackers for the week (except for 6 graham cracker squares while camping).

We will not really start any new challenges for this week, but I would like all of us to try and schedule our meals (or feedings if you prefer) for regular times during the day. I was given the 1200 calorie diabetic diet years ago when I had to lose weight for my blood pressure. I found there was more to eat than I really needed at one time, so saved parts of each meal for a small snack in between my meals. I managed to eat 5-6 times a day so it was never more than a few hours to wait for a snack. The 3 big meals a day just didn't make it for me and it was so much easier to stop eating when I was full if I knew I could get something else in just a "little while".

I hope everyone is pleased with your progress so far, keep up the good work.


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I love those cartoons! Okay, I'll go first. My food to avoid was ice cream - had one small cone at Sonic Friday night - otherwise, didn't even bring any into the house. I've cut back alot on amt. of food, and using fruit as a snack - Sam's has the BEST hard, juicy crunchy apples! I love ice tea, and mix it sometimes half and half with lemonade - called "Memphis tea" or an "Arnold Palmer" in some restaurants here. Also, not really doing specific exercises per se, just moving more.

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Aren't the cartoons cute. He gave me permission to use them free as long as he got credit. Not a problem. I like your Memphis Tea and do make it at home from time to time but didn't have a name for it. And I love crunchy apples (can't stand soft mealy ones) and pears. We have been having the most wonderful plums and nectarines and WinnDixie has had something called a pluot like a plum and really really good. So giving up my crackers hasn't been too bad with all this good fruit around. Moving is a good thing to do. As you adjust you will be able to move faster, farther, harder and can start jump rope or riding a bike. This will get more "exercise" into the same amount of time. Just 30 minutes daily is all you really need. You are doing well, keep it up


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Well, let me just say, I think I've done enough 'moving' in the last 2 days to last me at least a week!! (But I'll keep doing more anyway...)

Sunday, I walked the puppy after dinner. Ended up doing 1.7 miles through the neighborhood. Keep in mind he's a Siberian Husky and made to pull for long distances...so there was no loafing!!

Monday I took the kids to the pool from 1-4pm. Both wanted to jump from the diving board, so there was quite a bit of treading water! The 5yo jumped 7 times, the 1 1/2 yo jumped 5!! so legs & arms workout there. Plus just carrying them around the pool! Then after dinner took the puppy for a walk again...1.6 miles this time (I'm trying to find a 2 mile route). THEN I went to BJ's for a big trip...1 hour of pushing a heavy shopping cart around, then loading and unloading the car.

Boy, am I sore today!!

I've not done too good food wise. I can't remember when I had french fries the last time! but we've had birthday cake in the house, so that's been a problem. But overall, feel that I've not been too munchy!

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Jennifer, treading water is wonderful exercise!! And walking the puppy is good for both of you. French fries are a good thing to give up and birthday cake only stays around a little while then it is gone. Most of us forget about how much everyday tasks can add to our daily exercise routine. The drs told my mother to put her pots, pans, and groceries on the hightes or lowest shelves so she had to stretch and bend to get them. That was how she added "movement" to her day. Have you noticed any change in how you are feeling? Keep up the good work.


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Years & years ago I read about someone on a diet who ate anything he wanted. In small portions. My favorite was his discription of building an ice cream sundae on a tablespoon. It had everything - ice cream, sauce, whipped cream, nuts & a marachino cherry. Have to use an itty, bitty spoon to eat it - like those souvenir spoons.

I like the idea therefore I eat anything but in small amounts. If I buy chips or some such snack put one handful in a cup. I put the bag in a zip-lock and put it away before eating any. When DH & I eat out we usually share one dish. Most resturants have servings that too large anyway.

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I'm not noticing too much difference in anything yet. Except that maybe my flipflop sandals are looser across the top of my foot. But I AM definitely sore!! lol

Today I've gone up and down the split staircase innumeral times putting the big groceries away in the laundry room. Plus had to straighten & organize that first. I'm hoping the rain holds off for the evening puppy walk...it's definitely helping HIS attitude!

Have to go shopping at SuperWalmart tonight for the smaller stuff and more flavored water...missing that today for sure!

glassquilt~~that's really funny about the mini-miniature ice cream sundae!

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That is too funny glassquilt. I will have to try that next time I just have to have some ice cream. First I gotta find a reallllly big table spoon, and a reallllly small eating spoon.

Jennifer, please just send all that rain down here. Our poor little lake is just drying up. the ducks can almost walk across our end of it. If your flip flops are loose now, in 2 weeks perhaps your shorts will be also. Just working its way up from the bottom. Just keep working at it.


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don't get excited about rain...we don't have any yet! Just looks like maybe, possibly we might get something tonight...but then yesterday was supposed to be 60% chance and we got nothing! Today only a 20% chance... who knows!

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okay...so tonight I didn't make the walk, but I did a $240 Walmart grocery trip...at least 1 hour walking around pushing the cart! Then multiple times up the stairs to bring it in the house..guess all that counts!

I'm worn out from all this healthy stuff! lol

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You must be stocked up for the rest of the summer. I think you got your walk in, but the puppy may disagree with me.


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well, beverly...the rain finally came! Raining steadily since before I woke up this morning.
~the kitchen will be a mess with dogs coming in from the rain
~no swim classes at 10
~a day at home with no need to go out, maybe quality time in my studio
~hopefully still a walk after dinner

Did 8 hours at the amusement park yesterday!!

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AAhhhh, quality time in the studio. What a wonderful sound rain gently hitting the window, sewing machine softly humming. Does it get any better? It makes the 8 hours at the amusement park worth it. Think I will drag out the beach chairs, floats, nets, shovels, sand pails..... and start stuffing the car.


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