Alfi Farmhouse Sink-Feedback?

LisaHE9168March 30, 2013

I'm considering the Alfi single-basin farmhouse sink with lip (AB511) but I cannot find a showroom to see this sink, or any Alfi sink, in person. I called Alfi and was extremely disappointed with their customer service. They do not have any local distributors of their sinks outside of the west coast (i'm in MA). So the only option is to buy the sink online without seeing the sink in person.

Have any of you purchased your sink online without seeing it in person first? Have you been happy with your Alfi sink? Is it wearing well? How would you describe the shape of the sink-"modern/rectangular/angular or more traditional with softer/rounded corners and edges? Has anyone installed their sink flush mounted? I'd love to see photos of your sink installed and would appreciate any thoughts about your Alfi sink. I'm just having a really tough time accepting the idea of ordering a sink online without seeing it in person first!

Alternatively, is there another sink that is similar that might be easier to find in a showroom?

Thanks so much,

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Poor customer service and no local retailer? And you're still considering them? Why on earth?

I'd highly recommend Blanco's fireclay sink. It's much more regular in size than many of the handmade sinks and thus easier for your installer to deal with. I'm sure you can find a local retailer. And they have an international reputation for quality. It's what we chose for the centerpiece of our Dynasty kitchen vignette in our new showroom.

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Thank you for your thoughts and photo. I do like the Blanco, especially the fact that it's reversible; however, it requires a 32" base cabinet, and we have a 30". Plus, I really like farmhouse sinks with a lip, which is why I would consider the Alfi.

Anyone else with advice or feedback about Alfi sinks?


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Holly- Kay

Is your heart set on fireclay? If not kohler has some cast iron models that are lovely.

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Nope, not set on fireclay at all and would, in fact, prefer a cast iron sink. I had planned to get the Kohler Whitehaven, but it can only be mounted under the counter. We want a flush mount sink, and fireclay seems to be the only option for a flush mount. I'm just stumped about what to do! Ideally, I would get a cast iron, flush mount, apron sink with lip. I can get 2 of those things in the Alfi.

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I love my Alfi sink which I purchased sight unseen from I also had a small sink base and had trouble finding a lot of options. Also, after I purchased it, I started reading all these horror stories about fireclay staining and cracking. After two years of heavy use, my Alfi shortwall sink looks brand new. It is very easy to clean and I couldn't be happier with my choice. Good luck, whatever you choose.

Here is a link that might be useful: Alfi AB5123

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