Update on hubby...

caroline1947August 2, 2007

He had a test today and now will have to go for a biopsy.They found a lump. We live in a really rural area and everyone gets sent to "the city" for things like that. Natalie gets her tubes in her ears this month and he goes up for that, so its gonna be a stressfull time.Long trip,long waits etc.TY for your prayers,,Caroline

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I will remember him (and you) in my prayers. Try to remember that most of the time, lumps are benign. Hugs!

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Try to stay postive you have a lot going on.I will keep you and DH and GD in my prayers!

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As Red says try to stay positive. It is sometimes hard for me to remember that no amount of worry does any good. There are prayers going up for all of you. As Wanda says most lumps are benign.
Keep us informed.


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Remember what I told you about stress Caroline.
My DH is terminal. He has good days and some really bad days. It's amazing what a cup of tea and a few magazines will do for you. Reading is...I dunno...relief!
Good Luck to You

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Sorry to hear about this, Caroline. My thoughts are with you all.

Bon-did I miss that? I am also sorry to hear about your DH. Will keep you all in my prayers.


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Bon I missed it also.

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Hang in there. My husband is suffering from "I don't know" disease. It's not easy. We also had to go to the big city for tests. We live in Southern Utah and had to go to Vegas. How far do you have to go? If you do hand quilting I find it very relaxing while I am waiting, waiting, waiting . . .
You and your family are in my prayers.


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