Tons of Questions.

MyFirstPoolMay 8, 2012

As I read more and more post, I have more and more questions. Here are a few for now:

1) I am having a salt system installed and I am having "brushed" concrete decking applied around the pool. Should I seal the concrete?

2) I am having flagstone coping too, will this get damaged by the salt?

My PB said that the salt will not do damage as it is converted to chlorine and that it is still in reality a chlorine pool.

3) PB is installing a Vacuum line, but no booster pump... I read that the Polaris is a pretty good cleaner, will this work with the vacuum line and no booster pump

4) It's been 7 days since they shot the gunite and I think it's good that there are no cracks, but in the deep end there is a hole where water is visibly coming up... appears to be a small trickle, but not the less there is about 18 inches of water in the deep end. When I drain some of the water, it comes back! My PB said that this is a weeping hole and it is good, I think that is right..but I am concerned that the water will force a hole in the plaster too? Should this be sealed with hydro cement before plaster?


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PB is misinformed, putting it nicely.

The chlorine generator works roughly like this:
The salt is made of mainly two elements, chlorine and sodium, i.e. NaCl. This will be used to produce chlorine by circulating the water through a electrolytic cell where cl ions are stripped off to chlorinate the water. that is inline with the pool plumbing. The will not be depleted, and you will need to keep generally a consistent concentration between most likely 3000-3500 PPM of salt.
Yes it will over time harm the flagstone, which needs to be sealed.

Your pool will be a salt pool and also a chlorine pool, you are just using a different method to put the chlorine in the pool, in the end, tablets or chlorinator do the same thing, they use chlorine to sanitize the water.

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That should have read :

"The SALT will not be depleted, and you will need to keep generally a consistent concentration between most likely 3000-3500 PPM of salt"

The only thing that will deplete your salt really is adding water or rain.

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Thanks, I assume I should have them seal the concrete too... I have read so much about flagstone and concrete and saltwater pools... some say good, some say bad... so hard to get a straight answer, so might be on the safe side and seal it all.

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If it's Oklahoma Flag, I urge you find a different coping when using a salt system. Some like changing the chlorination method to tablets but they will add cyanuric acid, a UV inhibitor that builds up, and thus requires partial draining periodically to dilute the concentration.

Concrete tends to be impervious to a salt system.


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