Concrete Patio replacement-stop animals underneath

Linda277June 10, 2013

I am replacing a 35 x 15 ' patio. The 35 is against the house. This time, rebar will be drilled into the foundation to stop sinking away. One contractor suggested a footing (2' deep so not below the frost line) all around to stop animals. He would tie rebar from footing to pad. The other suggested he pour the edges 12" deep and the top 4", no vertical rebar in the 12" deep sides. He said the center would heave if all 4 sides are tied to the edges. We are in Zone 4/5 depending on map. Any suggestions?

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What animals?

It is often easier to eliminate them from the patio area than overbuild a simple patio.

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Here is a patio I am building in Zone7/6. I had voles and chipmunks under the previous patio. I broke it up and used the concrete as filler under the new patio.

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Beauty of a patio Charlie, nice job. Nothing much is going to get under that patio.

As for the posters question burying chicken wire below the footing will cost you thousands of $ less than a 2 foot deep concrete foundation wall, here we call it a rat wall. That is over building that comes with a bigger price tag than needed.

Dig a trench as deep as you want, bury the mesh then form and pour your slab. Underpinning a foundation that isn't done right may cause you problems with your dwelling, if it results in cracks in your homes foundation wall you will have wished you had pest problems instead. I take it the foundation you speak of is the foundation of your home.

I would stay away from going into your foundation wall with rebar. If done correctly a properly installed slab will not lift or sink or crack. Your concrete guy is covering his butt, I would look at another contractor.

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