Aug 16-31 KOKOs

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLAugust 16, 2008

Hello KOKOers, Are we all watching the Olympics? We are! And we're taping what happens while we sleep. A bunch of stuff gets deleted, but at least it's there if we want to watch it. I wish there was a better description what is playing when, on what channel and the teams playing, too. Oh well, it isn't life threatening.

How is everyone doing? I keep adding to the stack of things to take to the retreat and wonder what DH is going to say when he wheels it out of the house. The sign that I have finally grown up is when the suitcase for my clothes and essentials is in an overnight bag and the quilting supplies is in the huge! Don't know if this will happen, but it might. My machine is in for it's yearly cleaning so I'll be handsewing this week-end. We went to hear what DGD's marching band sounds like today (very good for not being very many of them) and then the boosters served hot dogs and hamburgs. Yes, I ate the bun. I don't know why I can't get back on track.

Y'all take care and somehow, KOKO.


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Hello, --wow, we are already in the second half of the month. We are up to our ears in garden produce and luckily DH has been doing most of the canning and garden work. He thinks he has to plant like he is planting for the community. He says he is done canning so now we can just give it away. How are all of your gardens and flowers??

Had a good little vacation with DD. We went camping (in a cabin) and were able to hike, swim, kayak, read and just chat. We also had a wedding this weekend and then our local festival. I indulged with a turtle ear. Have you ever had them? They are in the indian taco booth at our festival and it is fry bread with caramel and chocolate drizzled on it and topped with peanuts. YUMM.

Also, did some sewing done for our birthday block and started on the "All About Me" block that Red has posted. Anyone else doing it? I also tried to work on the crazy quilt for the September lotto but just got too frustrated so maybe later.

I hope that everyone is healthy. I know some of you are recovering from ailments and family members with some as well. My DD will leave for college in two weeks so I will lose my walking partner but will hopefully get back to the gym for regular workouts. KOKO,, dear friends. Deanna

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This month has just flown by. Deanna, my Mom was a gardener and put up lots of things. We don't have the room or the inclination but am proud for those who do.
DH and I gardened in our early years. He thought I knew how because Mom had done it and he didn't know anything about gardening. We made tomatoes, cucumbers and a few other things but as the children were growing up it would be time for vacation just as things got ripe and we finally gave up.

I did walk this morning and it was still hot but cooler. I'm not sure if it is going to be getting cooler or if it is just Fay. Everyone in her path be safe;get out of her way if you need to. Sharon, will she effect you?

I'm trying to use things I have and finish things I've started rather than go out and get more material, etc. I do have a lot of "stuff" as I'm sure most of you do. It does feel good to use something I already have.

This year I have made something for each of my sister's b/d. I am working on the last one whose b/d is in Nov. I'm making a little wall hanging with paper pieced sewing tools-a needle, scissors, thread, pincushion, and a button jar. I made a disappearing 9 patch to fill out my six blocks. They are 6 inch blocks and I plan to put 2 across and 3 down but I have to decide how I'll put them together.

Sharon, don't be too frustrated. We all have times of not doing just what we should but we do the best we can. Sometimes I just have to say todays the day I do better and then stick to it. Just keep moving.

Everyone, have a good day and KOKO!

Who is blessed more than I deserve and very grateful!

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Deanna, I'd take some of that produce off your hands if I lived closer. It just pains me to to buy the things we used to be able to grow. Your DH sounds like he gardens the way my dad used to. Plenty for the family to eat and put up plus to hand out to everyone. I've never had a turtle ear, but it sounds yummy. I'm not doing the For Me project and I just tried the crazy patch today. It took some figuring out but I think I'll probably eventually do some more but not for the lotto. It's a nice way to use up some odd shaped pieces and have fun playing with decorative stitches.

Sally, Yes, the storm will effect us. Mainly with rain and probably some flooding out back in the jungle. We've kept it as natural as we can as there's so much building and brush and tree clearing. So far, it hasn't reached the house, so we feel blessed. The wall hanging you're making sounds really cute with the notions...don't forget to show us!

Maybe I'll get to sew more tomorrow. I got a UFO out to take to the retreat so maybe I'll work on that. Think I'll go up to the mall and take a stroll around, too.

Take care y'all....


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Road trip anyone?
Sounds like Sharon is wanting a road trip to come get some of my vegies? With all of her traveling, she should be a pro!! It would be a good excuse to escape the Hurricane. Anyone is welcome to tag a long!!
We planted egg plant and not really sure how we are going to use them all. I am going to make lasagna tonight and substitute them for the pasta. Any good recipes out there? They seemed pretty bland when we fried them.
Sally, how nice of you to make fun gifts for your sisters. I have wanted to do something special for my sisters who will turn 50 and 60 this next 2 months. They are not sewers so I really can't think of what to do. I had wanted to make them some sort of blanket/throw but just didn't get that done. I know I will get my oldest sister 60 tulip bulbs. She bought a house for the first time at 57 and has really taken up gardening.
Better get moving and get ready for work.

KOKO Deanna

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Sally the wall hanging sounds really pretty. I have decided that I am not buying anything until I use what I have. I wonder how long that will last LOL????????? I have been machine quilting a little and I am getting much better staying in the ditch.
Deanna we always had fried egg plant and I did not know until I read it in last week's paper that it absorbs so much oil. We used to cook it in Crisco!!!!!!!!
Now I bake them in the oven. I use a 'poultry magic' seasoning and an oven fried fish batter. Some in my fam soak them in milk, I don't and I am not sure why they do!!! They are also good stuffed with a ground beef mixture (like stuffed peppers) I use half beef and half Italian sausage, and par boil before baking at 350 for about 35 minutes, turn off oven and let sit for another 15 to 20 minutes in the oven.
I also like it in soups and beef stew.
A hubby that cans, he's a keeper!
Sharon I hope I can make it to the retreat next year it sounds like everyone has a great time.
We are going on a road trip with my motorcycle sis and her DH, I do not care for them so we will be in the van. I am hoping to do a lot of walking and site seeing and not eat as MUCH, of course that is only a plan!!!
Sis can't ride for long periods so we will be stopping a lot. We have the trailer in case they get tired or the weather is bad.
Stay safe and dry everyone. Isn't Phelps unreal???? There should be a law that the Olympics and Little League can not be the same weeks, we love both. One 13 YO is 6'3" and 228 pounds. Tampa Fl is playing today for the finals. I have watched way too much TV last week and this one too.

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Deanna, Road trip? I'm usually up for a road trip as long as someone else drives. I don't remember mom doing much with eggplant except frying it. With dad being from AL, most everything was fried. Mom had a can by the stove with bacon grease in it. @:) I know your sister will appreciate the tulip bulbs! She'll think of you every Spring when they come up....sometimes thru the snow. I love daffodils, tulips and hyacinths and felt blessed to be able to see them blooming last Spring.

Rosa, Thanks for the reminder about Little League. And, I agree with you about watching too much TV at this time. After this week-end, back to normal. I don't think I'd be much good on a road trip riding a motorcycle. How in the world could you read or sew?

I'm gonna have to work in the kitchen for awhile today, need to clean it up a bit. Then, I want to make a small angel block to send to my sister who is having back surgery on Monday and will be out of commission for a couple months.

Y'all KOKO.....


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Sharon my house can stand some cleaning but my allergies are really bothering me so I got as far as changing sheets and washing them, then I quit!!
My BIL was in a lot of pain and had some surgery on his back, after a couple of months he is doing great.
Prayers for your sister. Don't forget to take pics of the block to tease us with. I don't think I'll be doing much sewing today.

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This is my third attempt at an angel block and it's the one being mailed. I see I should have put white behind the angel, but it doesn't show up as much as it seems to in the picture. I couldn't find a pattern I liked online, so just had to make do. It's about all I did today!

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HELLOOOOOOOO---I hope that everyone is safe and has just been plain busy or just lurking. Why am I so lazy to type in my name and password sometimes?? Have been busy getting some exercise and enjoying receiving my birthday blocks. My DH and I will do our kayaking and golfing weekend over labor day so hopefully the weather is nice.

I hope that all our hurricane folks are safe. It seems like their used to be more of us KOKO's posting so I hope we have not lost anyone. I will need to go back and re-read some posts and see if we have lost anyone.

Take care and it seems like fall is drawing near. KOKO Deanna

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Hi All,
When I wrote last, I was feeling fine but the next day my sinus began to block up and I have had a week of blah! I about missed the whole week. Actually spent some time in the bed and on the couch-that is bad for me. Still have that hang on cough that seems to go with it.
Needless to say there was no walking going on and fed my misery because I had gained 3 lbs this morning. Well, I have to hop back up and KOKO. I still didn't walk today because when I get warm I cough. Soon.
Sharon, your angel block is pretty. I am inspired how you can't find what you want so you just make one. Hope everything is OK from Fay. Now here comes another one-Gustav. All of us on the gulf coast will be anticipating it for a few days. Sharon, it is fun to see Salijo joining in on the forum.
Rosa, I have been noticing how much dust(i.e. protective covering) I have around and "thinking" I should do some cleaning but since my sinus is already in a mess maybe I shouldn't stir up the dust! :) Sounds like a plan.

I got my little wall hanging made for my Sis and I'll try to post it in the gallery. Her b/d isn't til Nov. but I probably can't wait til then.

Deanna, glad you are getting exercise. That makes one of us at least! As soon as I get clear of this sinus problem I plan to be back out with vigor! I can't let up now.

Everyone stay safe from the storm! Deanna, we haven't noticed any cooler weather yet;maybe a little shorter days. I am looking forward to cooler!!


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I was waiting to post this so I could throw in a photo too, but I need to get one from my son. I attended a family reunion in Michigan with my son, his wife, and their 3 children last Saturday to visit with my 91-yr-old grandmother (from MN). It was her first time to see baby Addison, just born in June. They did take some pictures, but I haven't seen them. I'll post one when I can.

My other daughter-in-law (DIL?) has an important ultrasound tomorrow....if I don't post the results of that, I'm sure my mother will.

Next weekend, as is my custom every Labor Day weekend, I will be spending at the Marshall (IN) County Blueberry Festival helping my sister work her jewelry booth. It's a humongo Festival, with over a million people traipsing through there over the course of 4 days.

This week I have accomplished nothing (outside of my day job. My dining table is set up with my jewelry making supplies because I have a couple of items I need to make....when I'm finished with those, I'm going to put it away for awhile as I think I overdosed on it this year. Then I will set up my mother's famous Indiana Sewing Machine and hopefully get started on the quilt I want to make. I think about it every day...I had better get that jewelry made!

I also work on music for our church and I have a couple of songs I need to get started on. I need this weekend to be over soon!


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Deanna, We're ok down here in least for now. @:) As I watched the kayaking during the Olympics, I thought about you and can't imagine doing that! My hat's off to you girl!

Sally, Sorry about your week of blah but hope it's getting better. Don't rush getting back into anything strenuous until your cough is gone. Don't want a big set back! Yeah, you don't want to stir up the dust...I don't either! Cute wallhanging you made for your sister! I like the button jar. I'm glad Salijo has joined, too....only thing is, I have to be good now. @:)

Salijo, If I had been at the reunion, they could have gotten a 5 generation picture....did you think about Aunt Elaine being my proxy? She would have loved that! I'm glad y'all were able to be there. You know everytime the phone rings tomorrow, I'll be running to answer it! Yep, after the Blueberry Festival, you can get your table cleared off and set it up for sewing. You could probably pull the seat part of gramma's cabinet over and use that for sitting on. Do you have a pattern? I have a thought in the back of my head for sewing triangles so you don't lose any fabric but is easier that cutting separately and then sewing....I'll have to think about it and maybe I'll remember what it is.

I'm missing the Blueberry Festival this year! You girls won't believe what my 2 DD's did to me last year! When I came back from using the restroom, they had been to the place where lost kids are reported and had gotten a bracelet they wanted me to wear. "If found, please call Wendy at ####### or return to Booth #...." Guess I should have told them where I was going. We always had fun..gonna miss the fudge.

I just sat a read Fearless Fourteen today! DD#3 was here all day today with her surgery being yesterday. Tomorrow I think I'll do some sewing. I have a Christmas tree that's supposed to look like you're looking at it through a window. I've had the blocks done for awhile, but kept changing the color of the panes. I finally just went with white to look like snow. I'd like to get it together enough to take on the retreat and at least finish the top.

Guess I better sign off for now......looks like I'm starting to write a book!


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Hi all,
I guess like us, all eyes are on Gustav. We already had plans to go to Houston to a nephew's anniversary celebration. We are going to go but we have to leave here ready in case we can't get back before the storm. At the moment, it seems to be headed toward us. All of us in the neck of the woods know that the only thing certain is there is nothing certain. I hope it changes it's course but then it would have to go some where. We probably wouldn't have to leave for at least another day but for the celebration. Oh, no use stressing about it.

Sharon, I'm sure looking forward to seeing your Christmas tree. The Blueberry Festival sounds like fun. Did they have a booth with blueberry pancakes? I'd be in trouble. And then you mentioned fudge!

Hope everyone is safe. Have a great weekend!


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Sally, Looks like Gustov is headed straight, smack-dab for you! But Houston might not be a good place to go either! Wherever you're at, don't take a chance and be safe!!! Don't forget to take your machine and fabric in case you have to hole up in a motel for a few days. You know how comforting sewing is.

We have friends in Metairie and he stayed during Katrina
but sent his wife and DD out of harm's way. He stayed to protect the neighborhood from looters, and protect it he did.

They have all kinds of blueberry things at the festival. Maybe Salijo will let us know if there's anything new this year. She usually is with Wendy all day and they don't get back til way late, so I doubt she'll be posting for a few days. Most of the vendors try to get the same spot every year so their return customers can easily find them. I always looked to see what was new at the sweatshirts made into jackets booth. It's quite a big deal.

KOKO's all we can do.

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Blueberry pancakes, blueberry muffins, blueberry ice cream, blueberry fudge, yah, it's all there. Mom, I went to the other side of the covered bridge today with Nick & Julie to get lunch....there's as much on that side than what is on our side...and a huge tent over there that is almost all blueberry food stuff.

Today is my DIL Julie's birthday. They seemed in VERY good spirits today and stayed for quite a while. We had a really good time. They've decided on a name for the baby, partly I think because they saw a vendor who personalized hand-painted items, and they bought a small personalized plaque with a lavender butterfly on it, and the name on the plaque is...................

Raina. So, I've decided on a nickname. I've nicknamed all my other grandkids. Anjelica is Miss Jelli June Garbonzo Bean, Alex is Alexander Holyfield, baby Addison is my Sunnie Girl, and well, although it would be really cute to go along with Sunnie Girl, I can't really call her Rainie Girl considering all the circumstances (see prayer request thread), it sounds like it could be a little depressing. So I'm going to call her Raindrop.

Well, I'm off to bed now. We still have another day at the festival and I'm exhausted!

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