Patio roof

jessica12June 19, 2010

Not sure I can explain this, but will try. My brick patio is covered with a lattice roof. The lattice is supported by 4x4s that are resting on my roof on one side and on another 4x4 on the other side. They are 30 years old. Some of these 4x4s are connected to the roof and some are no longer connected. My husband died and so I'm on my own with this project. I'm getting different answers from contractors. One roofer wants to have steel covers made where the 4x4 sits on the roof. He's then going to shingle around or under it. He wants $840.00. There are 10 4x4s. The metal company who will make the steel covers says they are not very expensive. The second contractor wants to put some sealant around the 4x4s which he said will last for many years. He's only going to charge me $25.00. I've already contracted him to repair a rotten soffet (sp?) so he'll seal while he's here. Doesn't $840.00 sound like an awful lot of money? Do the 4x4s really need the steel surrounds or will the sealant suffice for another 10 years or so.

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