janice__indiana5 How is husband?

suellen_delawaresAugust 3, 2007

Janice how is your husbands itching? How are you? Having a sick husband is never fun!


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Suellen, Thanks for asking. He truley is a mess. We went to the city yesterday, for his Dr.'s appointment. They took biopsies, and added a couple new medicines. They really don't have any idea. He seems alot worse today. They won't have the results for 2-3 WEEKS. I'm getting worried, he has started to have sharp pains here and there. I called our local Dr. thes afternoon, and I'm waiting for a call back.
Thanks again for asking,

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I must have missed earlier information but I would offer this suggestion.

Could your husand have shingles?

Last May my husband spent the week-end at a campground, came home with what he thought were some sort of bites. It took about a week to learn he had Shingles. They are not very nice and the pain lasted about 8 weeks.

Anyone who has ever had ChickenPox can get Shingles as an adult. They can be very uncomfortable. I asked my Dr. for the vaccine and was told most doctors do not want to give it. Believe me, I don't want Shingles! No one does.

You have my sympathy! There is medication to ease the pain, but when nerves are involved, it is bound to be painful.
Best Wishes for a speedy recovery.


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Sounds like my husband's shingles, too. The pain is severe at times and not much to do for it. You just wait it out. I hope you solve this one soon. We'll be thinking about you two.

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My sister also just recently finished a bout with shingles.She even had them in her eye and head,and had to go to the eye dr everyday for treatment so she wouldn't lose her eyesight forever.She did lose it during the worse part of the shingles.I'll be calling her tomorrow and have to remember to ask her if her sight returned yet.

Hope your DH feels better real soon.

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The diagnoses of "I don't know" is frustrating. DJ gets meds for their next guess and see if it works. This is easier on him than the test and cheaper. I told DJ I want to skip my turn at being sick. He has done enough for both of us for a while.
Hang in there! We can do this.

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