Nanciii-where are you?

nana24August 19, 2007


How are you doing? How is your SIL?

Hope all is well. Miss seeing your posts.


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Hey Nana,

I still forget to come here to this side of the place. lol I have been busy andjust been lurking lately, getting caught up on my birthday blocks and I want to make some Halloween overalls for the grandbaby.

We have had HELL with the SIL he is back in the hospital as we speak his leg is infected Again. Well not really again we never got it completely under control. Now they do have an infection control doctor on the case and he has a new othro doctor as he lost trust with the other one. He is much better today than last weekend so the antibitotics are kicking in. Thank God. They are still trying to decide to take that tibia nail out one dr says it needs to come out NOW and the ortho says wait a few weeks. So he is at their mercy.

Needless to say in the mean time my daughter and I got into the biggest fight so we are not speaking right now. I swear she can be brain dead. He has not worked since June the 9th and I have been helping to keep their bills up that stopped today I am only keeping up with the insurance payments, so she is trying to get on food stamps today. She is about to lose her job cuz she wants to hang out with lowlifes and not go to work everyday. She is taking advantage of her boss at work. And when I told her that she erupted so be it...I never knew the tough love thing could be so liberating. She blew hundreds on my credit cards each month on BS....all of it was cancelled yesterday.

She will never get cash from me or a card again if the grandbaby needs food I will go get it. And to top it all off she is going to hold Kailee hostage from me. So be it. I cant believe I raised one selfish un grateful bit.. when her father and I would give anyone the shirt off our backs no questions.

Well enough of my rant....I am still pis..... at her and I finally saw the true side of her I never wanted to believe but I always knew was there.


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You have been so much on my mind. So sorry it has been so hard. Glad you have gotten though it without a cigarette. That is something you can do for yourself.
It is really hard when we try to help our children and they don't get it. We have been through some situations with our son who is 30. We are finally to the point that he will have to make it on his own. At least we have never been denied our grand children. They live 3 states away and we only get them for a couple times a year but they want that break. You have been so close to yours and your daughter will probably need your help with Kailee, too. I hope she sees that sooner than later. But when my son and his wife divorced and she made noise like she didn't know if she should let them come to Louisiana any more I told her it was strictly up to her and if she didn't want to I'd be sad but it was her choice. I think when she saw I was not going to be manipulated she decided they could come. Now it is just routine.
Hope your SIL gets better soon.
Know you are busy but check in occasionally and let us know how you are.

Thinking of you and praying for things to get better.

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Thanks Sally for the support.....Brian would not let that happen. But hubby wanted to take Kailee for Labor day and I said no because I did not want to give them a she told me its her kid. I will not let Kailee suffer because my daughter is stupid. And she will find out real quick she is not going to manipulate me any more. Her friends have always been jealous of the things she got away with and could not believe how she did not appreciate the things I did. (Her best friend is my secretary) and told me she posted on her my space page she is on her own now and how hard it will be. I dont know if she was letting the deadbeats know the money was gone or Anyway she has her paycheck which aint much to buy groceries and all. she has never bought gasoline with her own money always had my gas card so that will stop alot of running right there. I think its so funny and so librating for me. I have felt great all week.

I did call Brian's boss and I will be paying his and Kailee's health ins premium still he cannot afford to lose that.

But I am still here Sally I just been lurking. hehe


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Imagine going through all that without resorting to smoking, Nanciii! You are great! That's like a sign that you are going to succeed in permanently staying off the ciggies. I think your tough love is great, too. In the long run, it will probably do your daughter more good than letting her use you did. Congratulations and best wishes for a good outcome.

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We have a son who was REALLY bad at racking up the bills. DH always bailed him our against my better judgement. I wanted to cut him off like you. Anyway we DID add up all ( most) of the money we lent him and the ammount was unreal. WE took out a loan and he is paying it back. It is taking him a long time. BUT the happy ending is that now he is SO responsible. He sometimes mentions how much money he would have if he didn't have this payment but he has never missed a payment and has become the responsible young man we were hoping for. I wish for you to have a happy ending too.

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Iam proud of you Nanci!!!!
Keep it up !!!

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The only thing I worry about its -2- weeks between paychecks for Nicole and that Kailee does not have food. Hopefully she got the food stamps the other day. But Brian will tell me if they need something. He got release from the Hospital Friday and was sent home with a port for his antibiotics for the next 4-6 weeks. then they will take the nail out. Maybe in November he will be able to go back to work. He is so ready and so is his boss.

Right now no news is good news to me.


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Glad Brian got to go home even under the circumstances.
Waiting is a hard thing to do-for you and for Brian. It is good that his boss is anxious for him to return-one less worry.
It is really hard to see our children struggle but some have to do that to become strong.
You keep up the good work.


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Hey Sally,

Update: Brian saw the DR today infection is still there still on IV antibitoics and hes gaining weight again he has lost over 20 pounds on all the pain killers.. He sees the orthro on Friday. I took Kailee the grand with me this afternoon she was so excited to see me its been 2 weeks. I will not do that to that baby again. Nicole and I are talking I am very superficial. She wants him to go on unemployment and does not understand that its not disabilty. She still thinks it could be a year with no paycheck. And it could but deal with ath when it happens its only been 12 weeks today since they put the nail in. And hopefully in a month they will take it out.

That's the update so far so good its a learning experience for them.

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Hi Nanci,
So glad you got to spend time with Kailee.
Tough experience but hopefully they will come out stronger for it.

Congratulations on your smoke free time. Keep up the good work.


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