Screen porch dilema

ecrouchJune 14, 2013

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I have so issues that I am not really sure which approach to take to even being or at that rate what my options are. My screened in porch is on a concrete slab and its on a slope, however, it is on ground level. I spray bug repellent and I do my best to keep it clean. So that is one issue is the bugs.

Issue two is this area has to cut with the weed eater so it occasionally get ripped by flying debris.

Issue three and the biggest issue is that when it rains water leaks in under the 2x4s. and settles on one corner before eventually draining back into the yard.

So here are my thoughts first to call 811 and make sure its safe to dig and create a drainage system to get the standing water further away. I think this part I have under control the big issues is I want to enclose the bottom portion of the porch. I am thinking that I would like either wooden paneling or use reclaimed 2x10s on the inside and on the outside to give it a rustic look. But would I just install plywood to the 2x4s and then install the wood a little below ground level so i butts up against the concrete or is that wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated..

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Here are some additional images.

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third image

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from the outside

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I'm no professional at this, but my first reaction would be to put a drainage channel along the outside of the screened porch. Even throwing town 4-6" of gravel around the outside would help w/drainage away from the porch and also would take potential damage from weed wacking out of the equation.

You could plant some things along the bed as well. I wouldn't recommend putting any plywood below grade unless you want it to get wet/rot. Think of how you would do a deck footing; concrete pillar goes above ground and wood post goes on top and never touches the ground so the post doesn't rot.

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After you put in the french drain, and leave a stretch of gravel around the perimeter, what about making panels of plexiglass or glass and installing them centered on the 2x4's?

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Armada that is kind of where I am heading. How do I make sure once I get the the drainage taken care of that the paneling will keep out critters. See part of the problem is the concrete is not level. THe 2x4s go right to the edge of the concrete so when I put paneling up it will butt up to the concrete lip. So would I just use silicone?

The other question is at the beginning of the knee rail its 28 1/2 inches from the floor but at the 8x8 post it is 32 inches. So over that 9 ft span the floor drops 3 1/2 inches. How do you cut siding to make it level?

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