update on hubby

caroline1947August 23, 2007

Just to let you know the test results came back and it was malignant.One alternative was to drive 120 miles 5 days a week for 12 weeks for radiation. That is out of the question,with gas prices. And even then, the doctor said there were no guarantees. The second option is a series of pills that retard further growth and shrink the prostate.So we did that and he had his first shot today.The doctor wants him in tomorrow early for a bone scan,to see if it has spread,if not,thats good. If it has there isnt much to be done.Thank you all for the support and prayers. Caroline

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Dang! Ain't it a b-i-t-c-h!!! I hate biopsies. They totally take the fun outta "maybe". They screw with your life's plans don't they. What you thot would be is suddenly air. The back of my mind is contemplating widowhood and I don't like it..not one bit.
I sincerely hope you guys make it!!!
HEY!!! A friend of ours survived prostrate cancer! Fifteen years later he's still driving his wife nuts!!!!!!
Hang in there

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Oh Caroline, I'm so sorry to read this. I will certainly be praying for your DH's health and for both of you to be able to find some measure of comfort during this "wait and see what happens" time. Take care of each other.


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Caroline, I'm so sorry to hear of your hubbies results. We went through this with my dad 3 years ago. He did the radiation, 36 treatments, we went every day even when he didn't want to. He is still doing well today, we went last week and his numbers were 0.000 so you can't ask for much better. Hang in there, I will keep you, your hubby and family in my prayers. I am here for you.

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Caroline, I'm sorry to hear this. Try to keep a positive attitude. Take it one day at a time. I'm sending good thoughts and prayers your way.


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Caroline, I'm so sorry. I, too, am sending good thoughts and prayers.....

SharonG/FL (still in Indiana)

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Just wanting to let you know you are thought of this morning. I'm saying a prayer for your day.


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