8-21 diet/exercise (Islay, it is tomorrow!!)

grammypAugust 21, 2006

I am basically a very lazy person, so this week we will not start anything really new. Each of us just needs to continue our 30 minutes of movement (you should be good at this by now), avoiding the one junk food we have chosen, and eating regular meals and snacks. The only thing new for this week is to begin to watch what we eat. Limit fried foods and gravy/sauces (note limit, not avoid) for now and find someway to estimate your calorie intake. There are several books to help with this.

Keep up the good work everyone and welcome to the group Islay.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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oh, Beverley, you caught me out.
Me and DH are on a low cholesterol diet. Yawn. In fact, it's not that bad but we have been a bit naughty. Lamb last night! Must get back to the 5 fruits and veg a day - that's the plan.

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Well, I've only been able to get in about 1,000 counted steps a day for the last week, and added daily swimming (huff n puff) and some yardwork. Oh and a good exercise is for me to go around the house, bend over and pick up all the little threads and pieces of fabric that find their way around. One day I counted over 30 bendovers.

Added salads back into my diet. They are really good, but for some reason I had gotten tired of them and gave them up for quite awhile. Back to the NF cottage cheese and diet dressing too.

One of our quilt shops in Sacramento has a diet group. I think I'll give it a try one of these days.

Oh mercy, this diet thing is not easy.

PS Hope everybody has a good week!

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I know how you feel Islay. Low cholesterol is not much fun. Just remember, fresh fruits and steamed vegeies are your friends. If we all ate more like the French it would be good for us. When we were there they ate rich foods, but in very small amounts. That is my downfall, I like large amounts.

Mel, bending is good and swimming is great! DD#2 was on the swim team and stayed skinny as a rail. Salads are good to. I have started putting the dressing on the side and have found small amounts of good dressings to be more satisying than large amounts of bland ones. I also try to have fresh fruit (great with Splenda) for desert instead of cake or ice cream. If you get to visit the diet group be sure to get us some hints.

Come on everyone, lets get those updates!


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DH had real high cholesterol.He went on a strick diet for a month.Then switch to Red River Ceral (yuck) with 3tbsp. of ground flax seed (double yuck),for breakfast.He also added a garlic pill per day.No more high cholesterol.Still tries to maintain a low fat diet...most days.Weekends not so good for this.5 of 7 days are OK.

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I "think" I'm lucky in that we don't have the Red River ... here! LOL
Low cholesterol isn't so bad - it's all about choosing cuts of meat carefully - sadly lamb is the worst meat for LC and it's our favourite. And no sauces - my DH looks like he may cry sometimes - the french LOVE their sauces! I don't particularly like fish but make an effort.
But, over here people don't snack - it's strictly proper meals and that helps a lot.

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