Anyone ever make their own awning?

db4570June 25, 2010

I am re-decking my existing deck with new boards, and thought this might be the time to figure out how to add a little shade to it. We get pretty good shade from trees on a lot of the deck during the day, but in the late afternoon the low sun pounds in through the patio door and windows. So I'm looking for something that that will go fairly low to cover this late-in-the-day situation.

I'm looking at awnings, and a lot of them seem really straightforward: some aluminum or galvanized pipe securely mounted, and a simple Sunbrella canvas stitched over it. How hard could it be to DIY? I'd probably have the Sunbrella stitched by a local tailor I know, and slip it over a pipe frame I build myself.

This is in the Northeast, and would only be used in the summer.

Anyone done this? Any suggestions or pitfalls to watch out for?



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Been there, done that. I built about 25 custom awnings approx 16' x 20' for large electrical transformers. Becaues of the size I had to use strut channel for supports. The custom made canvas were quite expensive and had to be replaced about every 2 years. We had to install grommets around the entire perimeter to tie the awning to the frame. They are no longer in use because the transformers were too expensive to maintain and got taken out of service. I think the expense of fooling around with the custom awnings was what did it.

"How hard could it be to DIY?"

How hard are you trying to make it? Is your goal to save money, or just prove it can be done?

Is your tailor working for profit? It will be expensive to have something custom tailored.

What are you planning on for the frame? Electrical conduit, copper, PVC? Strut channel is really too heavy and the edges cut through the fabric. Do you really have the skill to build a metal frame that a taylored piece of fabric will slip over and fit snugly? Unless you have much experience at bending conduit or pipefitting, forget it.

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