Unwanted late summer visitors

glassquiltAugust 26, 2006

Daytime No visible visiters but in the cool of the morning...

These were outside my back door - now they're gone. DH took care of them

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gross! what were they????

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OMG, that gives me the shivers just looking at them! Are they wasps or hornets?

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OOOOOOOOOO!!! I hate those nasty things!! I'm glad DH took care of things, hopefully without injury to life or limb!

That gives me the willies just looking at the picture!

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My guess is wasps.

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What a wonderful DH you have. I wouldn't want to get near them myself.


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OMG, they look like something from a late night horror flick.

What giant yellow jackets?
Scarry. Cudos to your husband. A brave man, and nice to have around.

So glad they're gone. Do you still look around for any kinfolk buzzing in the area?


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Yuck, Yuck, Yuck...Hubby deserves a great big kiss for taking care of those.


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Heard on NPR yesterday that the mild winter in the South this past year is the reason for huge hornets/wasps nests being found all over this summer. One farmer reported they had built a next in a '55 truck stored in his barn; sounded like they had completely covered the truck - yikes! The hornets don't get riled up like a nest of bees might. They are really pretty docile. Not that I would want to test that theory.

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Just curious, who was the brave soul who took the pic?
We have been killing wasps like crazy this year, all the cleaning in the barn I guess. I'll take on a honeybee hive any day over a yellow jacket nest and I've been there done that. (Just as long as its not the Africian honeybees) My parents raised honeybees and we harvested the honey, no refined sugar or flour allowed. I was raised in an old house that always had wasps flying around and my mom was always sewing something so she would chase them down and snip them in half with her sissors!! I do the same thing and my grown boys can't stand it, they're scared to death of bees ect. LOL
Glad you got your wasp problem taken care of, we have a couple of sprays that we like to use, I suspect that your DH used a spray too.

Aunt Net

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I took the picture in the cool, cool cool of the morning. DH did indeed use spray. I kept the can handy and sprayed the critters that showed up later. I don't know if they were long lost relatives or newly hatched. Haven't seen any since by the back door.

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