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grullablueJune 17, 2012

I'm wondering if anyone uses those yellow "insect bulbs" on their decks. We have been having fires many nights in the firepit in our backyard, and just a few times walking back and forth through the patio door, when we're done, we have thousands of tiny little bugs (like gnats?) flying over our dining room table, swarming around the light.

I LOVE to use my deck, and of course want to use my patio door, but the bugs are fierce! I'm wondering if those yellow insect bulbs really work? My deck is small, and I only have one light fixture outside that I kinda need it!

So my first question is if they work to keep bugs from gravitating to it. My second question is if they are bright enough, since it is my only light. (I do have some string patio lights also, but obviously this serves as my only real light out there.

Also....the wasps have taken a liking to my deck as well, I have removed numerous nests from under the railing. Will spraying bug spray in the troubled areas help keep them from coming back?

Thanks for any input!


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I recently moved near a large lake and the bugs are crazy bad! So for the first time I started using the yellow light bulbs on our deck, it doesn't totally stop the bugs from being attracted to it, but it GREATLY reduces the amount of bugs. It's been much better and now we don't end up with 50 bugs in the house every time we open the deck door! We got a 60 watt and it's our only deck light source too. It's not quite as bright as a normal bulb, but it's more then bright enough.

Good luck! :)

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