OT computer problems

rosajoe_gwAugust 22, 2012

We have been having computer problems off and on - at first we thought it was from the storms.

After being bounced back around between HP and Windstream (pain in the butt Internet provider) all week WE have determined that it is our modem.

Hubby and I both retired from technical jobs from AT&T and we get so frustrated, so I really feel for people with zero experience having to deal with these problems.

We purchased a new one but it maybe sometime next week before it arrives.

Soooooooo if anyone sends me anything about the retreat and I don't reply until next week THAT is why!!!!!!


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Rosa, I'm sorry to hear of your problems! And you're right - for people with no electronic/computer savvy it must be super frustrating. We had a similar issue several years ago and I was the one who suggested to the phone company that maybe it was the modem. And you can't get anywhere with Dell...their overseas tech people seem to have a script and a checklist and if your problem doesn't fit their list you're out of luck.


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We had wireless modem problems in the larger house and found the signal just wasn't reaching into my office. So my son put in two modems, one on each side of the house and the problem went away. If they ever act strangely, I just pull the plug and force it to re-boot and that seems to work best.

Good luck. We'll send carrier pigeons if we need you.

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We ran into the same thing!!!

My sister bought my mother an Ipad for Christmas - I was on the phone for months trying to get the stupid thing set up.

THEN mother decides she doesn't like it and sis gets her a DELL computer - I was ready to strangle them both lol!!!

No wonder hubby and I retired lol!!

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LOL, Rosa - I had trouble setting up my iPad, too...I think I somehow bypassed the first setup screen. Took forever to figure out how to tell it I wasn't in Bermuda! :) They sure leave a lot of it up to you to figure out. I finally found the iPad user's guide on the Apple website.

My mom keeps saying she wants to buy a new car. Her current car is a 1988 model (I think), and she hates both change and technology. I can't imagine trying to teach her about a new car with all the changes they've made since 1988! My brother got her either Dish TV or Direct TV one year. The guy came and installed all the stuff and left. Well, he may have given her the 2 minute training session they tend to give! LOL Anyway, she turned the TV on, her favorite channel wasn't at the right number, and she called them to cancel it and come get their equipment. They cancelled the service but no one ever came to get the dish and other stuff, so they are still there. She won't even let us unplug any of it because she's afraid her house will burn down or something. >sighsighDonna

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I may need those carrier pigeons to deliver the modem lol. At first we were able to pull the plug and it would come back, now it just comes as goes as it pleases!!!

My dad and mom drove me crazy about the converter boxes for the TV. They did not have Internet, credit cards, AND had a P.O. box. I ordered them 3 times by phone and they never came. I finally had them sent to a friends address. Don't even ask me about installing them lol!

Dad drives his electric bill 14 miles so it won't get lost in the mail. I try to tell him they will send you a warning BEFORE they cut your power off.

I can only pray that my children will have as much patience with me as I TRY to have with my mommy and daddy lol!!!

Can you tell I am the oldest lol!!!!!

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My mom also has no credit card. She wants to write a check for this hypothetical new car. She says she's going to call a dealership (her current pick is a Kia Soul) and tell them to have one ready then come in and give them a check. I hope she at least sits in one to see if she can see out of it first!

Mom's also been fighting with her phone company for 2 YEARS over a bill they say she didn't pay. She's mailed copies of the cancelled check and even had someone at her bank fax copies of it as well as call the phone co. but they will not admit they screwed up; they just keep showing the past due amount on her statement. I told her to threaten to have a lawyer contact them, but I don't think she has.


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I am shivering with all of the "old people" talk. I am almost 80 and DH just turned 83 and the only issues that I have are with spelling for the most part. Well, that is all that I admit to. lol

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it doesn't really matter how much computer or tech knowledge you have....just when you think you got it......it changes. Took me several weeks to get used to the change from Windows XP to Windows 7 when I had to buy a new computer. Goodness! Still things don't work like they used to and I have to do a search every time I get mixed up.
A little task that was done without thought, now requires sometimes up to 10 minutes or never because I can't find out how to do it. Some days I threaten to go back to pen and paper! or chalk and chalkboard!
I just try to be prepared for an "upheaval" any time I need or want some new thing. I too help my 82 year old mom. She just says you do it and I do. I just recently got her to let me pay her bills online. It only took 2 years of convincing her that it was OK! Now she is worried because I will be out of town on the day her bills are due and she doesn't know how they will be taken care of. I hope when I am 80 plus, someone looks out for me! lol
BTW I am a mere child of 63!

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