preventing deck chairs from scratching deck

ng622June 25, 2008

OK--just finished staining a garapa deck--used wood-tux and looks great (but that is the subject of another post). We are already running into problems with the deck chairs--basic aluminum chairs around a table with plastic caps on the feet--scratching the deck. Does anyone have any ideas on how to prevent this from happening? I don't think I can use those felt pads since it is outside. Also, we considered putting the dining area on an exterior rug, but am concerned that it is close to a tree and will get covered in bird poop. With the amount of time it took to clean and stain the deck, I hate being anal about people sitting in the chairs and sliding them around, but I can see that I am going to be unless I can fix the problem.

Please help!!!!!

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Its kinda hard to see but tenis balls, Im not kiding,, one of my Wallets went to the local club and got all the used balls he wanted for free cut a hole in them and stuck them into the chair legs. I know it sounds strange but the look was kinda cool. J.

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we had the same problem, but with two dogs and 4 grandkids, friends etc, the wife put it all in perspective. Its a deck. I stopped fretting got a cold one and forgot about it. wouldn't the dogs look funny with tenis balls on thier feet. Bob

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A bit off topic - but do you have any pictures of the garapa stained with wood-tux? I'm about halfway through my deck and am looking into different finishing options.

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The same thing is happening to our ipe deck sealed with penofin for hardwoods. I was tempted to try the felt pads but just let it go and now it doesn't bother me. The nice thing about penofin is that I can just wipe some on the scratches and they disappear.

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Hey John - look what I found! LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: Tennis balls for furniture :)

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Soooooo Funny Carolina,,,,I am gunna have to lay this on my Wallet!! It really works pretty well and the local club was more than glad to provide them.

I like the business aspect as well,never quit selling.

John Mon

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Is your next venture going to be interior decorating?


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