Found my Daffodil Birthday Blocks!!

glassquiltAugust 5, 2007

Here they are. Found the blocks but I don't know who sent what. The names pinned to them disappeared. Please let me know who made which block. Thank you.

FYI: These were in a pizza box inside the cabinet. As you can see, smoke got everywhere. If I haven't mentioned it already - smoke stains.

I don't care - I have them. Yippee

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WTG GLASS!!! I wanna see em!!!

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That is great you are finding so many of your treasured projects. You can see the stains in the pictures...maybe they will wash out. How are your fabrics the cleaners cleaned...did they wash them or use a dry cleaning method.

I know this is a tremendous job but you are back in your sewing room.

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These are back from the cleaners, they washed them. I would image that the toxic mess from everything burning is enough like a dye that it's permanent. I saved the boys old canvas, newspaper route bag cause it's so handy for carrying odd shaped things. I've washed it and it's stained.

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BTW, I *love* that crab block! He's so cute!

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That's awesome!

Mine is the wolf howling at the moon.

The smoke stains are "interesting" in a way -- they remind me of the way they do the edges to a treasure map, or other really old paper item to give it that aged look. It will give the quilt a nostalgic appeal...!

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Glass, it is like Christmas at your house. I am so glad your blocks keep showing up.


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This is wonderful! Finding all your projects...getting your life back together. Those blocks had a rough trip but they survived!!LOL!!
I love that floor! Is it new? ;)
I'm so happy for you!

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DH had put parquet flooring down in the early 90's. He did the living/dining room, all three bedrooms and the upstairs hallway. He also put oak on the upper stairs. The restoration company had to replace it. The new stuff is nice and shiny.

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It will be a bit like an antique quilt with the staining! Anyway, it's wonderful that these survived. What other pleasant surprises may be lying in wait for you?

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Oh Glass I'm glad you fround them! Mine is the hand appliqued bunny. I would be glad to make a new one if you would like.


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